Article: Top 10 Addictive C-Dramas To Make You Fall In Love With Just One Episode

Everyone knows the craziness of watching Chinese dramas as it is the package of everything. There is romance, friendship, comedy, and every aspect that makes the audience happy. There are many C-dramas where from the first episode, you will find yourself hooked. Listed are some of the Addictive C-Dramas To Make You Fall In Love With Just One Episode.

1. Find Yourself 

Find Yourself describes the story of He Fan Xing, whose professional and personal life is not going great. She feels like she is stuck in an endless black hole which is sucking her inside. Until Ye Lu Ming enters her life and helps her out of the black hole. Ye Lu Ming becomes her life coach as he is older and knowledgeable.

2. Hidden Love

Hidden Love describes the story of Sang Zhi, whose brother has a best friend, Duan Jia Xu. As five years older than her, he thinks of her as his little sister. While Sang Zhi has a crush on her brother’s best friend. Now in college, Sang Zhi meets Duan Jia Xu, who works in a company. Both as a grown-up will surely bring challenges in their life.

3. Once We Get Married 

Once We Get Married is an arranged marriage trope between Yin Si Chen and Gu Xi Xi. Gu Xi Xi, an owner of a small fashion boutique, meets an international fashion designer, Alex, at a party. She also meets a wealthy CEO of a fashion company, Yin Si Chen, and due to circumstances, they enter into an arranged marriage.

4. Love Is Sweet

Love Is Sweet describes the story of Jiang Jun, who works in an investment company to fulfill her dead father's wish. In the company, she comes face to face with her childhood playmate, Yuan Shuai, who was her gentle protector in childhood but now is her cold-hearted rival.

5. Fireworks Of My Heart 

Fireworks Of My Heart describes the story of Song Yan and Xu Qin, who were best friends and grew up with each other. But their family didn’t like their growing attachments and separated them. Now, Song Yan is a firefighter, while Xu Qin is an emergency doctor. Meet each other again not as friends but as professionals who work to save people’s lives.

6. Go Ahead

Go Ahead shows the story of three non-biological children who grew up with two fathers. Ling Xiao, the oldest brother, He Zi Qiu, the second oldest brother, and Li Jian Jian, the youngest sister, start their journey of being for each other at every step. But when the oldest two have to go to work, leaving the youngest alone shakes everyone’s life.

7. Lighter And Princess

Lighter And Princess describes the story of Zhu Yun, who had just begun university life and never expected to encounter a cold boy, Li Xun. Li Xun was never interested in participating or communicating with his other classmates except Zhu Yun, who was intriguing. Their interaction leaves each other’s lives upside down.

8. When I Fly Towards You

When I Fly Towards You is a popular recent hit of 2023. Su Zai Zai is a cheerful girl who starts her new school as a transfer student. On her first day, she didn't expect to encounter an introverted boy, Zhang Lu Rang. She instantly likes him because of his nature, but he doesn’t know how to overcome his feelings.

9. Sunshine By My Side

Sunshine By My Side describes the story of Jian Bing, a famous advertising director, and Sheng Yang, a newcomer to the industry. Both the strangers cross paths in a restaurant one day. Both were dealing with pain, but as they met, a bond started to form between them. They also heal each other, making the story heartwrenching for the audience.

10. The Forbidden Flower

The Forbidden Flower is a winter-summer romance of He Ran, who started to connect to the outside world, which brings her the romance aspect and personal growth that is needed in her life. She meets Xiao Han, a horticulturist with a rough past. Together, they embark on the journey of being each other’s missing puzzles and filling out the space.