Article: Top 10 Chinese Dramas With Orphaned Main Leads

Orphaned main leads in dramas are showcased as emotionally resonant because their lives lack the warmth and togetherness of a family. It is void of the primary love that people typically receive from their parents and families. They face hardships from the harsh society and, they struggle to navigate the world to uncover family secrets or discover the past and even grow as a outstanding citizen of the society. Their journey makes a heartwarming story that makes the viewers relate and feel the human emotions of one’s belonging and sense of family. Here are some Chinese dramas that have these individuals and their moving stories.

1. Sweet First Love

It follows Zhou Yi Feng, who loses her parents at the very young age of seven. Yi Feng is entrusted by her parents to their good friend, Su Zi Jian. She grows up with his family, assuming a new identity as Su Nian Feng after suffering from selective amnesia. She meets Su Mu Yun, two years younger than her, and they grow up together as siblings. Both are very different from each other; Mu Yun is very famous at school, and Nian Feng is easily ignored. Mu Yun is mean to her but silently cares for her. When she joins the university, a misunderstanding causes her to distance herself from her adoptive family, and she starts living independently to search for truth.

2. Boss And Me

It follows Feng Teng, a big conglomerate CEO, whose younger sister has a rare blood type known as panda blood. He hires Xue Shan Shan, who shares this rare blood type, for emergency cases when her sister might need blood to be donated. Feng Teng lost his parents in an unfortunate accident, and he grew up cold and distant. When he meets Shan Shan, who is positive and outgoing and loves to eat food, he takes a liking to her. It is a cute love story where a wealthy man falls for a silly and clumsy girl and takes care of her.

3. Once Given, Never Forgotten

It follows Xiang Yu Qui, who is an orphan. His only family and girlfriend die unexpectedly, and she donates her cornea to a young, sickly ten-year-old, Xiang Lian Xin. Yu Qui is depressed and alone, but he works hard to make a name for himself and launches Xiang Group. Years later, Lian Xin returns from abroad after graduating and meets Luo Rui, her donor's younger brother, and he falls in love with her at first sight. Lian Xin takes a liking to Yu Qui, but he can not reciprocate her feelings because every time he looks at her, he gets reminded of his ex-girlfriend, Luo Ting. Yu Qui’s business partner, Tan Shi, likes him and takes Lian Xin’s help to make him choose her. Lian Xin develops Alzheimer's disease because of stress, and Yu Qui takes care of her.

4. To Be A Brave One

It follows An Yu, a wealthy girl with a good life and family, whose life turns upside down when her father dies and she gets accused of economic crimes. She gets falsely imprisoned and serves four years behind bars. After she is released, with no family member to turn to, she meets Shao Mo Li, a childhood friend whom she saved from getting bullied in the orphanage. With Mo Li backing her up, she becomes braver and searches for the people who caused her family to break. Realizing that it was caused by her husband and uncle, who were jealous of the family, she refuses to let bygones be bygones.

5. Star Of Ocean

It follows Jane Xiao Ai, who is an orphan; she is forced to drop out of school because of financial conditions. She moves to Guangzhou and works there as a restaurant worker. Xiao Ai is very capable. She is intelligent and kind and uses her skills to become a business manager alongside a foreign trade merchandiser. She works tirelessly to achieve bigger goals, and after many trials and setbacks in life, she launches her own foreign trade company and eventually becomes the face and mind behind a multinational company.

6. Bloody Romance

It follows Qi Xue, a young sixteen-year-old girl who suffers much and is sold to a brothel by her father. After experiencing unspeakable abuse, she escapes to a new city and assumes a new identity, Wan Mei. She trains under Chang An to become an assassin. Now she uses her beauty to her advantage as a weapon to take down enemies. With time, Wan Mei and Chang An start developing feelings for each other, but people around them take a dislike to them and try to separate them. Both become conscious of others and try to distance each other until they succumb to love.

7. The Ultimate Ranger

It follows Ju Heng, a ranger who has impeccable martial arts skills. He time travels to the future and meets a girl named Alice. Alice is an orphan girl, and her life is not easy. When she meets Ju Heng, she takes a liking to him, and both become good friends as they live together. The two share good memories and ultimately fall in love. Ju Heng realizes that his sudden leave from his village was not an accident and that fate has something more significant for him to discover.

8. Yes! Mr. Fashion

It follows Shang Bo Ran, the heir to the Shang Corporate. He joins his own fashion magazine company while hiding his actual identity to find out more about his mother’s death and to stop higher executives, such as Ling Shan, from controlling his company. There, he meets Lu Xiao Kui, an adorable and lively employee who is his rival at work. He hides his intentions meticulously while also disguising himself. Xiao Kui and Bo Ran start on the wrong foot and bicker with each other but eventually fall in love.

9. Love, Just Come

It follows a young girl, Qing Ling, who grew up in an orphanage. She is blessed with the perfect sense of smell because she is very sensitive to smell, and uses it to her advantage to develop a perfume to pay back to the orphanage that raised her. While trying her best to achieve her dream of creating a perfume, she gets help from Xu Qing Lun, Duan Tian Lang, and Duan Yi Hua. On her journey, she reconciles with her family and after suffering many setbacks and suffering in life, she finally creates the perfume and also discovers love.

10. Warm Love

It follows Huo Zhi, who grew up in an orphanage. She manages to save Jiang Cun, a wealthy heir to the Jiang Corporation, from an accident, and he falls in love with her at first sight. After recovering, Jiang Cun sets out in a search for Huo Zhi, who saved his life, and unexpectedly meets Qin Ying Su, her twin sister, who resembles with Huo Zhi and marries her. Later, when Huo Zhi and Qin Ying Su meet and realize they are twin sisters, Ying Su asks her for a request only a twin sister can fulfill. She asks Huo Zhi to take her place as his wife as she looks for a cure for her infertility. When the truth comes to the surface, the two sisters are left in odd places, not knowing what to make of the situation.