Article: Top 10 Airing Shows In South Korea

Stay on trend and catch up with these top 10 airing shows in South Korea.

1. My Lovely Liar

Mok Sol Hee possesses a unique ability to detect lies, leaving her upset with humanity. Her perspective shifts when she encounters Kim Do Ha, a music producer hiding something, as her new neighbor . To her amazement, her ability fails to work on him. Intrigued by this enigmatic neighbor, Sol Hee is drawn into a web of secrets, wondering if she'll ever uncover the truth about his heart and identity. The show had a dip in ratings but it's still an amazing watch.

2. Moving

Kim Bong Seok, Jang Hee Soo, and Lee Gang Hoon are high school students  with extraordinary abilities. Kim Bong Seok can fly, Jang Hee Soo possesses rapid healing, and Lee Gang Hoon wields super strength and speed. The trio must conceal their powers, all while their parents work tirelessly to shield them from those who would exploit their gifts. The series has garnered loads of views and is one of the most beloved drama now.

3. Destined With You

Lee Hong Jo, a diligent civil servant, finds herself in possession of an ancient wooden chest and the key to break a centuries-old curse that cursed Jang Shin Yu, a charismatic and accomplished lawyer. He's plagued by a mysterious ailment that worsens with time. Desperate for a cure, he discovers that Hong Jo may hold the key to his salvation. As they work together to unravel the curse's secrets, an unexpected and fluffy romance blossoms.

4. Behind Your Touch

In a serene rural village, veterinarian Bong Ye Bun wields an unusual power: she can use psychometry through touch. Moon Jang Yeol, a demoted detective, partners with her on minor cases, seeking a return to the city. When a serial murder case emerges, they're thrust into a high-stakes investigation. Meanwhile, the arrival of Kim Seon Woo (played by Suho from EXO), a kind-hearted but enigmatic figure at a local convenience store, adds mystery to the plot. As they probe the murder mystery, their lives become entwined, unraveling secrets and forming unexpected bonds in the once-peaceful village. The couple are hilarious and bicker a lot.

5. The Killing Vote

In a society where citizens vote on death penalties for unpunished criminals via text messages, "Dog Mask" becomes their executioner. Kim Moo Chan, leader of the First Investigation Team, pursues "Dog Mask." A complex web of morality, justice, and anonymity unfolds in this gripping drama. Watch it if you love crime thrillers with a twist.

6. My Lovely Boxer

Kim Tae Young is a ruthless sports agent, and has a soft spot for baseball pitcher Kim Hee Won. However, when tasked with the challenge of bringing female boxer Lee Kwon Sook back to the ring, his priorities shift. Lee Kwon Sook, who once dominated the boxing world at just 17, vanished three years ago. Kim Tae Young approaches her to get her out of retirement and back into the boxing world, unraveling a tale of redemption, love and ambition.

7. Han River Police

Two officers find themselves patrolling Seoul's Han River, a hilarious duo tackling a range of emergency situations from terrorism to everyday accidents. Their partnership promises a blend of action, humor, and unconventional crime-solving. The show is light and perfect for a quick binge.

8. Arthdal Chronicals: The Sword Of Aramun

This series has garnered immense popularity due to its compelling storyline. The continuation of the story, set a decade later, adds layers of anticipation, as it promises an inevitable great war between Ta Gon's Kingdom of Arthdal and Eun Seom's Ago Union. The character growth, shifting power dynamics, and the enduring struggle for control make it a captivating and enduring series for its dedicated fanbase.

9. The Kidnapping Day

Kim Myung Joon, driven by desperation to save his ailing daughter, agrees to his ex-wife's plan to kidnap a wealthy child, targeting Choi Ro Hee. However, fate takes a twisted turn when he accidentally injures Ro Hee in a car accident, causing her to lose her memory. Feigning fatherhood, Myung Joon brings Ro Hee to his home from the hospital, only to find her parents mysteriously dead. As if things couldn't get more complicated, Ro Hee starts piecing together his betrayal, unraveling his true identity as her kidnapper.

10. Elegant Empire

Gi Yun, the charismatic chairman of WJ Entertainment, hides a dark secret behind his perfect façade. His wife, Shin Ju Kyung, rose from poverty but faces a tragic turn of events. In the entertainment world, rookie actor Jung Woo Hyuk longs for his mentor, Ju Kyung, who vanished. Enter Seo Hee Jae, Ju Kyung's doppelgänger, who intentionally approaches Gi Yun, leaving Woo Hyuk confused. A tale of ambition, identity, and tangled relationships unfolds, blurring the lines between reality and illusion in the sparkling world of entertainment.