Article: Top 10 K-Dramas With Murder Mystery Theme

Korean shows have left no genre untouched so is the murder mystery. This is one of the most addictive genres lately in the kdrama industry and people are loving it.

1. My Name

Starring Han Soe Hee, this murder mystery kdrama revolves around how she is bullied and then witnesses her father's murder which later in life becomes her life's sole mission to find the murderer.

2. Flower Of Evil

The happily married couple portrayed by Lee Joon Gi and Moon Chae Won, this show solves the mystery of a murder that took place 15 years ago. Being a homicide detective Moon Chae Won puts scattered pieces of this case together and later learns the hidden truth about her husband's past.

3. Doctor Prisoner

This show revolves around how an emergency doctor whose license was revoked due to malpractices in which he was used as bait joins a job in jail as a prison doctor. There he gets to know many other people and their life stories, including celebrities, and then plans to get his licence back, which he succeeded.

4. Stranger

This kdrama revolves around a cold and law-abiding prosecutor who wins his cases fairly. He is then given a case of a murder which mind blocks everyone, and there he meets a lieutenant with which he unwinds this case.

5. Graceful Friends

This show is about a group of friends who have this perfect couple, and everyone is living their ideal lives until their golf coach is murdered. This case gets even worse with the unveiling of their past murder. This kdrama is a thrill to the soul.

6. Voice 4

This show depicts the talent of the protagonist, who works in an emergency call centre and remembers every detail about the phone call and helps find the culprit when a serial killer with enhanced abilities calls, making her work with a detective to solve the case.

7. Beyond Evil

This drama is about two detectives who team up to solve a serial murder case that gets more complicated with every passing second, which later leads to the opening up of a murder case from two decades ago.

8. Mouse

This show is based on psychopaths. In this drama, the nation is in fear as the most wanted serial killer is loose and moving without any fear. After meeting the unknown serial killer, the main leads' lives turn upside down.

9. Memorist

This drama revolves around a young boy who lost his memories as a young boy but has the superpower to see others' memories by touch. He becomes a detective and joins hands with a criminal profiler to find the killer.

10. Suspicious Partner

This is a light-hearted murder mystery drama in which a lawyer who joins under a prosecutor becomes the culprit for murder. Then the prosecutor later finds the real culprit and clears the name of his internee.