Article: Top 10 Japanese Political Dramas

Usually, dramas are based on Action, Romance, Fantasy, and comedy themes. Making dramas based on political themes is not an easy task. That too topped in the drama watcher’s list is highly appreciable. Here I am sharing with you the top 10 Japanese political dramas recommended by all binge Japanese drama watchers.

1. Change

The storyline of this drama is about an ordinary primary school teacher who took the place of his deceased father and brought her into the election. Then, she became the prime minister and followed her father’s way.


2. The Summer Of Bureaucrats

This drama is based on the novel 'Saburo Shiroyama.’ It is about the story of Japan's rapid growth after world war-II. When officials of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry struggled a lot to run the Japanese industries among the international competitors and take it to the advanced level.


3. Minwang

This drama is based on the novel ‘Ikei Torun’. The drama tells the story of a series of comedies that occur after the Japanese Prime minister and his son exchanged ‘souls.’


4. Scapegoat

This drama is based on the novel 'Masato Koda. The storyline of this drama is about the first female prime minister in Japanese history to describe people caught up in the name of power and jealousy.


5. Don’t Call Me Prime Minister

This drama is about an incompetent politician, a father who is as well bad at family, and earned the name of the lowest-rated prime minister in history.


6. Legal High

This drama is about the journey of two attorneys. Kamikado loves money and reputation. When, it comes to arguing in the case. He gives his hundred per cent to win the case. Machiko is a newcomer to the firm. She is also passionate about her career. She gave her hundred per cent in the cases like, to protect the weaker sections of society. She is also firm, in her work. One day due to some circumstances they both worked together at the Kamikado law office. The two attorneys constantly clash but in the courtroom, they cooperate to win the case.


7. Little Giant

This drama is about detective Kosaka. He is working in the Tokyo metropolitan police department. He has worked hard to become the chief of the investigation division but he commits an error. Due to his error, he was fired at another police station. There, he meets detectives who may have fewer skills but are determined to solve cases.


8. 99.9 Criminal Lawyer

Haruhiko Madarame is the head of the law firm, which is one of the biggest law firms in the country. It was considered one of the most famous law firms out of the well-known four law firms. Hiroto Miyama begins to work with Atushiro. Atushiro is a lawyer specializing in civil cases and makes lots of money for law firms. So, he does not have any interest in solving criminal cases.


9. The Journalist

The drama journalist is also known as 'Shinbun kasha.' This drama is based on the novel ‘Isoko Mochizuki.’ The plot of this drama is about a dedicated journalist, who released the news about a government’s corruption. The scandal makes her powerful enemies stop going against her. This gives a big hope to all the people, living there.


10. Miu 404

The storyline of this drama is about the Mobile Investigative Unit, known as MIU of the Tokyo Metropolitan police department. The two investigators are assigned to solve one big issue that is not undertaken by anyone before.  They attempt to solve the case within twenty-four hours.