Article: Top 10 Japanese Actresses And Their Dieting Tips

Many women dream of having a slip shape, bright skin and a great fit body. If you are a fan of Japanese Television shows or follow Japanese female idols religiously, you would be undoubtedly in awe of their skin, the way they carry themselves with grace, and most importantly, their figure and excellent body shape. Many actresses in the Japanese movie and television industry have been able to manage their weight from being out of shape to being incredibly fit and more beautiful and have been able to achieve their dream bodies, which now might be the dream bodies of many other females all around the world. Here is a list of ten Japanese models and actresses, their fitness journey, and some tips and tricks for your dream body. Keep reading to know more:

1. Tao Tsuchiya

Tao Tsuchiya is a young actress from Japan. When it comes to admiration of an actress’s body, she had to make it to the list. She says the secret to having a healthy and fit body is not to think too much about your weight. One of her most essential tips to lose weight and become that dream body is to reduce your carb intake; she informed a channel that she lost a lot of weight when she ate mostly Kanten and Tokoroten. Both are jelly-like substances and jelly noodles, respectively.

2. Ami Kikuchi

Ami, also known by her nickname Amimi, is known for her modelling, acting, and glamorous body. She says that her body is quite adept at losing and gaining weight quickly, and she does not shy away from admitting the same. Her top tips are that she tries her best to do a healthy diet; she only eats carbs for her breakfast every day. She also tries to incorporate as much carb as possible for her lunch, and she usually skips dinner. She recommends eating as many veggies and fermented food like kimchi and yoghurt as possible. She also used to have half baths, go to the gym, swim and follow enzyme-based foods to reduce weight and remain slim.

3. Peco

Peco is a Japanese television personality and a model. She is also an avid influencer when it comes to dieting and fitness. During an interview, Peco revealed that she lost nearly 10 kilograms once because all she ate and drank was fruits, Aojiru drink and vegetable juice drink, which was made from green leafy vegetables. She also says that she does not eat anything after 7 p.m. and drinks tea when she feels thirsty, and then she also recommends drinking vegetable juice as well.

4. Koki Kimura

Koki Kimura is a model, a songwriter and an actress in Japan. She is pretty famous for her Japanese songs and fashion sense. She is incredibly slim and lean, which she credits to her active lifestyle and workout routines. She recommends eating a lot of veggies, fruits and lean protein. She eats foods that give her a slender shape and give her skin the glow she wants.

5. Kasumi Arimura

Kasami Arimura is a famous Japanese actress, and she is known for her beautiful looks and incredibly slim and glamorous figure. She is highly passionate about her looks and modelling as well. She recommends consuming low-fat milk and a lot of fruit juice as well as vegetable juices. She also eats fresh vegetables, green salad and veg sandwiches. She likes coffee and some nuts as her snack as well.

6. Satomi Ishihara

Satomi Ishihara is a thirty-six-year-old Japanese actress. When she debuted, she had a very bloated figure and had a bit of mushy fat and a baby face. Soon, people noticed she had grown into a very slim and lean young woman. Her tip for the same was that she used to chew her each piece more than thirty times before she would swallow it. She said this allowed her to stop overeating and better manage her food intake.

7. Ayase Haruka

Ayase is a thirty-six years old Japanese actress. When she debuted back in her early 10th and 20s, her lower body was relatively loose and obese. She had a big belly, and she used to struggle a lot with her weight management, and then she lost a lot of weight. She said that she lost eight kilograms in a month whilst consuming only 1,000 calories a day, and then she used to exercise a lot as well.

8. Sakura Miyawaki

Sakura Miyawaki is a Japanese singer and actress who is based in South Korea. The twenty-four year old actress is known for her beauty and extremely glamorous physique. Her secret to achieving her body was strength training and lots of cardio and core workouts. She also recommends never consuming alcohol, fatty foods and junk foods in particular. She also stays away from dairy products in her diet to achieve that godly figure.

9. Kana Nishino

Kana had a small frame from the beginning; however, she gained weight after she had a lot of stressful work and events. She gained weight up to fifty-seven kilograms. It took her a month to shed seven kilograms using her 16:8 weight reduction strategy method, also called intermittent fasting. She also recommends running every day to reduce weight and maintain an active and slim figure, along with eating a lot of veggies.

10. Yuko Nakamura

Anne Nakamura, also known as Anne Nakamura, is a Japanese Tarento model and an excellent actress. When she debuted, she had a baby fat phase; however, she managed to get her weight under control. Now, she has an excellent figure and slim physique. She is a gym buff and also has a bit of bodybuilder physique as well. She recommends going to the gym and eating as healthy as possible, and that would help keep your weight under control and give you the lean figure you want.