Article: Top 10 Chinese Dramas With The Cutest Height Difference 

Everyone knows that Chinese dramas are full of romance and mandatory height differences between the leads. Having amazing chemistry with the cutest height difference makes the whale plot of the drama more intriguing and beautiful for the audience.

1. Professional Single 

Professional Single describes the story of two art students, Qin Shen and Yuan Qian. They are not alike in anything except arts and their theory of being single forever because they want to.  They meet each other in college and somehow get tangled. Their height difference makes their chemistry stand out for the audience.

2. Put Your Head On My Shoulder 

Put Your Head On My Shoulder describes the story of a genius physics student, Gu Weiyi, who meets a confused account major, Situ Mo. Without knowing or more like a setup by their mothers to make them live together. They don’t like each other at first, but it makes the story more exciting because their height difference is loved by the audience.

3. Falling Into Your Smile

Falling Into Your Smile is an e-sport C-drama about a team called ZGDX. The team of five boys members with their leader, Lu Si Cheng. One of the members has to retire because of a hand injury, so their manager brings another member, but the problem is she is a girl. Tong Yao is a champion while playing e-games, but her and Lu Shi Cheng's rivalry makes it more exciting.

4. My Little Happiness 

My Little Happiness describes the story of Cong Rong, a new legal intern who has to work with real doctors for her first case. She wasn’t expecting to work with real doctors and learn and was also not expecting one of the doctors to be her old childhood mate, Wen Shaoqing. Their height difference adds chemistry to their bickering love.

5. Hello, The Sharpshooter

Hello, The Sharpshooter is a story of two high school friends, Tang Xin and Shen Qian Yuan. Tang Xin is in love with the tall and dashing Qian Yuan but doesn’t tell him, and their paths get separated. Years later, Shen Qian Yuan, a 50m pistol sharpshooter, is going to the Olympics. Tang Xin is a reporter and was assigned to report about Shen Qian Yuan. His cold nature toward her makes both confused about each other.

6. When A Snail Falls In Love

When A Snail Falls In Love is a detective and criminal series of detective Ji Bai and criminal profiler Xu Xu work on many cases together. For everyone, they look like an awkward pair of teacher-students. However, in the police department, they both fit perfectly while working on cases. Ji Bai is in love with Xu Xu, but she is as slow as a snail in terms of love.

7. Lucky’s First Love

Lucky’s First Love describes a headstrong man, Xia Ke, who refuses to take over his family business and starts his own gaming company. He recruited a sketch and graphic designer, Xing Yun, who is independent and good at her work. Their constant bickering and opposite opinions bring them closer to each other without knowing.

8. A Love So Beautiful 

A Love So Beautiful describes the story of two neighbors who are also schoolmates, Jiang Chen and Chen Xiaoxi. Chen Xiaoxi is in love with tall and genius Jiang Chen, but his cold nature toward her makes their life complicated. Now, as an adult, they meet again, bringing more challenges to them, but will they have a happy ending to a story that started in childhood is intriguing to watch.

9. I Hear You

I Hear You is about a girl named Bei Er Duo, who dreams of becoming a professional voice actress by studying in Japan. She needs money for the same and enters into a reality couple program to win the prize alongside a cold-hearted boy, Ye Shu Wei. He enters the competition because of the bet he loses.

10. Meteor Garden  

Meteor Garden describes the story of Dong Shancai, a bubbly girl who just started university. She meets with four arrogant boys who bully everyone in college. Until she gets on their bad side, but like others, she refuses to bow down to them, especially the leader, Dao Ming Si.