Article: Top 10 Japanese Celebrity Pairs We Would Love To See Together In Movies

While the true essence of romance in real life might be dwindling, one can still find a plethora of Japanese romance movies which will either make you feel warm or leave you with tears rolling down your cheeks. Regardless of the genre, the announcement of a new film causes most people to look up the cast and speculate about their relationship in the movie. Will the actors match each other’s energy? Will their chemistry properly shine through in the film? Fans can’t help but ponder these questions as they anticipate the movie’s release. Here are 10 Japanese celebrity pairings we would love to see on-screen together in the future!

1. Kento Yamazaki And Minami Hamabe

Kento, who is without a doubt one of the most popular and talented actors of his generation, paired up with Minami, who started gaining widespread fame due to her role in the film Let Me Eat Your Pancreas, is nothing short of a talent powerhouse. Besides, their soft looks complement one another, and fans would love to see them act opposite each other in a heartfelt romance movie.


2. Mackenyu And Kasumi Arimura

Both of these actors aren’t just exceptionally charming and have various brand endorsements to their name, but have also played many unique characters, making them some of the most versatile actors in the Japanese industry. Having said this, watching them side by side in a mature modern romance would be simply perfect!


3. Taishi Nakagawa And Hana Sugisaki

Taishi despite being the youngest actor on this list, has shown us some brilliant acting skills. His rise to popularity in Hana Noche Hare was the same which gave us fans a severe case of second lead syndrome. To compensate for their brief screen time together, Taishi needs to be given a separate love story with Hana, where they can set the screen on fire with their amazing chemistry.


4. Takeru Satoh And Keiko Kitagawa

Wouldn’t it be interesting to see these extremely attractive who have some of the most recognizable faces in the industry paired alongside each other? Besides having similar interests in real life, these actors have also covered similar genres in their work. A mystery or action thriller movie seems like the perfect opportunity to debut the duo together!


5. Kimura Takuya And Haruka Ayase

Kimura, known as the ultimate ikemen, which translates to “good looking man”, combined with one of the most popular, versatile and best actresses of this generation, Haruka, is nothing short of a recipe for success. Having splendid great on-screen chemistry with their previous co-stars, it would be exciting to watch them work together.


6. Keita Machida And Nana Komatsu

Mostly known for his second lead role, it would be a treat to finally watch Keita play the lead role alongside rising star Nana Komatsu, the latter being one of the most sought-after actresses in Japan currently. With their swoon-worthy looks and incredible acting abilities, it would be a treat for the eyes to watch them side by side in a modern or fantasy romance.


7. Sota Fukushi And Asahina Aya

Possessing the good looks to land themselves a pretty good number of endorsements, this pair also doesn’t fall short at displaying their great performances on-screen. Sota having played multiple roles in shoujo manga has established himself as a formidable male lead in romantic movies. Combined with the pretty Asahina, this couple could possess the power to establish themselves as one of the most iconic on-screen couples in Japanese films.


8. Masaki Okada And Mikako Tabe

With numerous accolades to their names and fascinating features on their faces, their acting and looks will draw you into their presence on camera. They exude a sort of profound aura with a mature misdemeanour. For this reason, a legal courtroom drama romance would be simply perfect for the two of them.


9. Hokuto Matsumara And Marie Iitoyo

While Hokuto possesses the more mysterious boy-next-door type of looks, Marie has a more sweet and innocent face, the combination of which can lead to nothing but a slow-burn romance. If they share good chemistry and match each other’s energy, fans can be guaranteed nothing short of a rollercoaster ride of emotions, along with a treat for the eyes.


10. Dori Sakurada And Yui Aragaki

A similar characteristic between these two actors is that there is a specific likeability aspect that they both radiate. Besides their cute and soft looks, these talented actors also share a common singing background, which is why it would be interesting to see the two paired up in a musical film for a change.