Article: Top Ten Cyborg Characters In Anime

In Anime, Cyborgs get known to cause rampages that even humans cannot handle. Cyborgs make us realize the potential of combining robots and humans. They are different from robots because they are still half-human. The only difference is that cyborgs gained some power-up after merging with machine parts. Here we will talk about ten Anime Cyborg characters.

1. Genos

It is impossible to talk about cyborgs and not mention Saitama's sidekick and student, Genos (from One Puch Man). Also known as 'Demon Cyborg,' Genos is a serious cyborg who uses his robot upgrades to fight enemies, but it doesn't matter since Saitama finishes them off with one punch. He is the most badass character with crazy abilities.  The one thing that holds him back is that he ends up dismantled somehow after every fight and waits for Saitama to pick him up so he can get repaired.


2. Franky

Franky holds a place on the list of Cyborgs. Franky is the shipwright of the best pirate crew, the Straw Hat Pirates of the Anime One Piece.  After an incident, Franky's body got heavily damaged, and he had no choice but to turn himself into a cyborg. His back is the only weak point in his body. Each part of his body is composed of weapons, and after a time skip, he gains additional prosthetics.


3. Android 18

Android 18's actual name in the anime series Dragon Ball is Lazuli, known when she was in human form. Gero, a scientist from the Red Ribbon Army, rebuilt her into a cyborg. She is the most powerful cyborg in the Dragon Ball series. Android 18 has an energy reactor within her body, so 18 never runs out of battery and stamina. She has enough strength to demolish a concrete structure in a few seconds.  Android 18 is one of the most well-written characters of the series, having many great moments during and after the battles.


4. Stroheim

Rudol von Stroheim is a character who completely stole the show in the Anime Jojo's Bizzare Adventure Part 2: Battle Tendency. Stroheim is a Nazi officer who will not die. He helps Jojo in fighting the resurrected vampires. Despite getting killed three times, this soldier returned to war. Unlike most cyborgs, he has a giant gun in his stomach full of bullets.


5. Jet Black

Jet from the series Cowboy Bebop is one of the most down-to-Earth characters in the show. After losing his limbs as a human, he replaced them with robot parts, which gave him superhuman strength.  Jet is part of a bounty-hunting crew with an overwhelming sense of wisdom. He may come off as rude, but he is a kind-hearted and caring person. As the captain of Bebop, he cares for the ship and his crewmates.


6. Inuyashiki

Inuyashiki has cyborg abilities, a good background story, and is one of the unique anime protagonists. He belongs to the Anime Inuyashiki: The Last Hero. The one thing that sets him apart from the other protagonists is his age and predicament before becoming a powerful cyborg.


7. Motoko Kusanagi

There is no way to talk about cyborgs and not mention Motoko Kusanagi from the anime and manga Ghost in the Shell. She may not have the abilities other cyborgs have, but she does have style, and no one can compete with her.


8. Chise

Chise from Deadliest Fiction may give an impression of an ordinary girl, but she is the ultimate weapon of destruction. In any situation, she can display armed weapons. Chise once destroyed an entire armed battleship and sank it to the bottom of the sea. She can also use weapons like Gatling guns and missiles.


9. Gally

Gally, Alita, or Yoko- no matter what you call her, she is one of the most badass cyborgs in anime. Belonging to the anime series Alita Battle Angel, her abilities make her a dangerous target. Her personality is the most enjoyable of all characters in general.


10. Frank Archer

In the Anime series Fullmetal Alchemist, Frank Archer's thirst for power and becoming the strongest is a long-sought dream. He is a madman who can break the boundaries of humanity to accomplish his goals. Frank lost half of his body when he got caught in the array of the Philosopher's stone. However, after going through Automail Modification, he enhanced his body into a cyborg.