Article: Top 10 Thriller Movies Of China

Chinese thriller movies certainly know how always to keep the audience glued to their seats. There are always superb action sequences, suspense, drama, and the appropriate twists and turns for audiences to keep them interested. These movies add a level of adrenaline rush and excitement. The cinematography and action sequences choreography are stunning. The casting, the direction, and exceptional visuals make these movies a fun watch.

Here are the top 10 Chinese thriller movies you could watch to add some spice and excitement to your life.

1. Cold War (2012)

Cold War is an action-crime thriller movie. The film’s plot revolves around the mysterious Hijacking and kidnapping of five highly trained officers in a police van and two police officers trying to find them. The story from the start captivates you with an intense background score, stunning visuals of Hong Kong city, intense conversations and an incredible face-off between the heroes and the villains. The plot is intelligent with gripping dialogues, the cinematography is good, and the cast is beautifully assembled and makes for an entertaining watch.


2. Internal Affairs (2003)

Internal Affairs is a cop thriller movie. It is a highly awarded film and inspired the superhit Hollywood movie remake ‘The Departed’. The plot is gripping and erratic, the production value is also very high. The story is to uncover who is the mole in the police department with the help of an undercover cop. The screenplay is wonderful. Both the mystery and the action are fun and engaging. Shots are very well directed and exceptionally visually pleasing. All the performances are very intense and powerful.


3. Shock Wave (2017)

It is an intense action thriller. In an underground tunnel, a terrorist holds explosives and threatens to extinguish hostages if they don't comply with his demands. The plot has a thick tone of tension keeps the audience intrigued and engrossed. With massive action sequences, tense build-up and good cinematography. A perfect watch with surprise action sequences, tense negotiations and explosions.


4. The White Storm (2010)

It is an action cop thriller about three cops in an undercover investigation to bust a Thai drug lord. The movie has an excellent emotional rollercoaster with endearing hot-blooded action scenes. Beautiful visual effects and fantastic chemistry between the three cops make for a thrilling watch. The movie includes all the ingredients of a thriller film, such as dramatic drama and violent action sequences. It also has a great direction and script with an enjoyable plot.


5. Sheep Without A Shepherd (2012)

It is an emotional crime-thriller about a father trying who commit a crime to safeguard his family and juggle with the dark side of the law. It is a very intense thriller with triggering plot points of sexual assault. It is a beautiful watch that leaves you breathless and makes you question what is right and wrong. It has an emotional ride with stellar and heart-breaking performances by the cast. It is a remake of an Indian film – Drishyam. Its cinematography, direction, scripts, and underlying violent plot make it extremely shocking to watch. The movie will leave you in shock, anger, heartbreak and disbelief.


6. Kung Fu Jungle (2014)

It is an action-crime thriller. The plot revolves around a vicious killer whose targets are martial art masters and police officers taking the aid of a convicted murderer and a martial art instructor who killed someone accidentally to capture the killer. It has a very high visual quality and production value. All stunt actions are well choreographed. Combat scenes in the movie are thrilling. With plenty of drama and action scenes, it keeps everyone on their toes. The script is well-written, and the direction is incredible.


7. Protégé (2012)

It is an undercover drama thriller. Throughout the film, we follow the story of a special agent who works deep underground in one of Asia's most significant criminal networks, acting almost as a protégé of a pivotal player but eventually becoming a loyal member of it. This movie has complex characters with such deep layers which unravel with time. The script is excellent and has emotionally charged dialogue. A surreal experience awaits you in this movie. And also, the direction and visuals are marvellous.


8. The Silent War (2012)

It is a spy crime-thriller film. It is based on and adapted from the novel Plot Against by May Jia. The movie takes place in the 1950s, and the plot revolves around a blind man recruited for a spy mission for his extraordinary hearing. The film has a decent screenplay, enchanting visuals, and cinematography. It also has everything from spies, suspense, a mystery to a whirlwind romance. The Silent War is a good watch for a lazy day.


9. Exiled (2006)

It is a crime-thriller film. This story revolves around an unusual friendship formed by an ex-gangster and assassins who protect the former against people who want to kill him. The action is impressive with a stylised aesthetic and good screenplay. It also has subtle humour, which makes the movie more fun. The action sequences are exceptional, and the storyline is beautiful. Throughout the film, the cast's friendship is challenged and tested. The chemistry between the cast is extraordinary. Exiled is a great movie to watch with friends.


10. Nightfall (2012)

It is a crime-thriller film with a star-studded lead cast of Nick Cheung and Simon Yam. It’s about an ex-convict released after 20 years who always claimed innocence and his interlink with a current ongoing investigation of a brutal murder. The movie makes for quite an emotional rollercoaster. It has impressive and intense acting with complex characters and incredible acting scenes.