Article: Top 10 Temperature Raiser Women Of Chinese

China has always had a plethora of beautiful actresses, both in the movies and on television. Style, elegance, grace, and brilliance abound among Chinese actresses. And they continue to captivate us with every new film or drama.

There are many talented and attractive actresses in China, and they are well known worldwide. So, below are the top 10 temperature raiser women of Chinese.

1. Fan Bingbing

On September 16, 1981, Fan Bingbing, a Chinese actress, was born. The star of the television program My Fair Princess became one of the most famous women in Asia because of the show's tremendous success. Bingbing has appeared in a slew of films and television dramas since then. According to several media outlets, she is one of the most beautiful and hottest women in the world. She is well-known not just in China but also outside. She was previously the world's fourth highest-paid actress and has topped Forbes' China Celebrity List for four years in a row.


2. Dilraba Dilmurat

On June 3, 1992, she was born. She is an actress, host, dancer, and model from China. Dilraba rose to prominence in 2014 as the star of the action-drama series Swords of Legends. In addition, she has achieved a significant amount of success with her role on the hit television series Pretty Li Huizhen, which has gained over 7 billion views on the internet. Dilraba is also widely regarded as one of the most attractive and popular television actresses of her generation. Even Japanese people refer to her as a once-in-a-century beauty, citing her popularity with Chinese fans.


3. Zhao Liying

On October 16, 1987, Zhao Liying, also known as Zanilia Zhao, was born. Chinese singer and actress, also one of the country's most beautiful women. She is most known for her performance in the Chinese drama Legend of Lu Zhen, which was a great hit in China, South Korea, and Japan. She is also commonly referred to as Queen of Ratings. Zanilia Zhao has received numerous honours and recognition.


4. Guli Nazha

On May 2, 1992, Guli Nazha was born. Nazha made her acting debut in the television series Xuan-Yuan Sword: Scar of Sky in 2012 when she was 20 years old. She also represents many high-end businesses as an ambassador. Guli Nazha was selected in 2018 to become a brand ambassador for a jewellery company, Qeelin. After a year, she was named the first-ever Greater China Brand Ambassador by Sergio Rossi, an Italian footwear brand. This gorgeous 27-year-old model and actress grew up with mixed racial heritage, which contributed to her good looks. Many people believe she is one of the most beautiful women ever to emerge from China.


5. Angelababy

Angelababy, also known as Yang Ying, is a Chinese actress and fashion model, born on February 28, 1989, in Shanghai. Angelababy (Yang Ying) has been in several well-known films and television programs. For example, The Dragon King of Di Renjie is a film, and Running Man is a variety program. She is not just one of China's most gorgeous actresses but also one of the country's most influential personalities.


6. Li Ying Zhi

Li Ying Zhi, a Chinese model, dancer, and actress, was born on October 3, 1989. She's been acting quite a bit lately. This Chinese beauty has worked as a runway model, a fashion model, and a model for a car show. She modelled for a BMW in 2012, which helped her become quite well-known. She has appeared in several different variety shows. Fashion shows helped her acquire notoriety. In China, she has caused quite a stir among the younger population.


7. Yang Mi

A Chinese actress and singer, Yang Mi, was born on September 12, 1986. In the television series Tang Ming Huang, she made her acting debut. Yang Mi's leading roles in dramas such as Chinese Paladin 3, Swords of Legends, The Interpreter, Eternal Love, and Legend of Fuyao, as well as films such as Mysterious Island, Tiny Times, and The Witness, earned her a lot of attention. Aside from her outstanding acting, Yang Mi is also known for her flawless beauty. Yang Mi is also regarded as one of China's most attractive actors, earning the moniker "China's Royal Beauty" for her stunning features.


8. Ming Xi

Ming Xi is a Chinese supermodel born on March 8, 1989. She's even done some work for Victoria's Secret. Ming Xi has also starred in several TV variety shows. Warrior's Gate is another film in which she has appeared. Beautiful and radiant are inadequate adjectives to describe Ming Xi's remarkable attractiveness. This stunning lady is one of China's most attractive women.


9. Liu Yifei

Liu Yifei is a Chinese actress, singer, and model, born on September 25, 1987. She is considered one of China's most beautiful ladies, in addition to her stunning beauty. In 2006, she graduated from the Beijing Film Academy. She made her television debut with The Story of a Noble Family. She had been named one of China's new four dan actresses in 2009.

Liu Yifei


10. Zhang Huiwen

Born on September 13, 1993, Zhang Huiwen is a Chinese actress. In the movie industry, she is considered one of the sexiest women. She debuted in the film industry with a critically acclaimed film titled Coming Home. Huiwen has also appeared in films such as Forever Young, The Great Detective, and, most lately, The Sun Will Never Set.