Article: Top 10 Japanese Actresses With Massive Followers On Instagram

In today's world, the popularity of a celebrity is judged by the number of followers they have on their social media accounts, specifically their Instagram accounts. Social media has become part and parcel of our life and thus has also become the measuring rod for success in many cases, especially when we need to talk about someone's social standing, which is proportional to their number of followers. Judging someone's social influence by the number of followers they have on their social media accounts, has become the norm now, and we feel weird if this is not the case. If we like a celebrity, the first thing we do is to follow them on Instagram. Thus, the superstars of today are also popular influencers on Social media; we are influenced by their fashion, their lifestyle and so much more. I have listed down below 10 Japanese Actresses with massive followers on their Instagram accounts. The names are in no particular order, they are of great actresses with a massive number of followers on their Instagram accounts.

1. Naomi Watanabe

ID: watanabenaomi703

She is an actress, a comedian and a fashion designer. She became famous for her Beyoncé impression, so much so that she had been given the title of "the Japanese Beyoncé". Her fashion sense is refreshing and different from many. That is probably the reason for her massive number of followers on Instagram.


2. Rola

ID: rolaofficial

You probably have seen her in the Resident Evil films. She is a model, actress, singer and TV personality. She is a regular on various fashion magazines and has frequent appearances on TV. Her dusky skin and dimpled smile are probably, as much a reason for her success as her hard work and personality.


3. Kiko Mizuhara

ID: i_am_kiko

A phenomenal actress, Kiko Mizuhara has won the hearts of many as can be seen from her ever-increasing number of Instagram followers. She is a model as well as an actress. Her skills are undoubtedly the reason for her popularity; her personality and beauty are also equally responsible.


4. Masami Nagasawa

ID: masami_ nagasawa

An award-winning actress, Masami Nagasawa, no wonder has a massive number of followers on her Instagram account. She has played a surfeit of characters in various films and drama series, all of which did immensely well.


5. Mirei Kiritani

ID: mirei_kiritani

A paradigm of beauty and smarts, Mirei Kiritani, is not just an actress but also a model and news anchor.  She has played the lead role in various films and drama series. She was also the news anchor in NTV's News Zero every Tuesday. There is no surprise that she has so many followers.


6. Anne Nakamura

ID: cocoanne

She is an actress, TV personality and model. She has won our hearts not just through films but also through drama series. Her roles are not all the same; they are all different and yet she plays them with the same exceptional ease, which makes them feel like real people and brings them to life.


7. Erika Toda

ID: toda_erika.official

She rose to fame with her incredible acting in the live-action movie "Death Note"; though that was not her first work. She is also a model from the time she was in elementary school. After "Death Note", her popularity and with that her followers have been increasing. Her acting is a reason for that.


8. Nanao

ID: nanao_official

She has acted in a myriad of films and drama series. She is not just an actress,she is a well-known model. She is as great a model as she is an actress; the number of her Instagram followers could attest to that.


9. Kasumi Arimura

ID: kasima_arimura.official

Being the winner of the "Newcomer of the Year" award in the 39th Japan Academy Film Prize, it is no wonder this actress has won hearts in "Flying Colours", "Strobe Edge", "Asadora Amachan", "Asadora Hiyokko" and in many more of her works. So much talent was indeed recognised by her fans, who show their love and support by following her Instagram account, which has a massive number of followers.


10. Fumino Kimura

ID: fuminakimura_official

She has a vast number of films and drama series in her list of works. Therefore, her massive number of followers on her Instagram account is no surprise. She has brought to life many characters with her realistic acting, and thus, her popularity is a result of her hard work, skill and talent.