Article: Musical Themed Thai Dramas

Thai dramas have been loved around the globe for long for their captivating storytelling and vibrant cultural elements. A new genre has emerged in recent years that is taking the world by storm, that is musical themed Thai dramas.

The talented actors and singers are at heart of this trend who bring these dramas to life. They attract audiences towards these dramas with their magical performances. The integration of the soundtrack and choreographed dance routine elevates the impact of the drama.

These musical Thai dramas have the ability to tackle complex themes and social issues through the language of music. The language of music is universal, and irrespective of the language and cultural barriers worldwide, it is understood and loved by all. From beautiful stories of love and friendship to tales of societal norms, these dramas use the powers of song and music to connect with audiences on a deeper level.

The popularity of this genre of work has begun to grow locally and internationally. If you were not already a fan of Thai dramas then you won’t be able to stop yourselves from being one now. Here are recommendations ten Thai dramas with musical themes and links.

1. 2gether (2020)

The plot of the drama revolves around Sarawat who is a famous personality in the music and sports organization in the campus, and Tine, a good-looking student and cheerleader in the college. Sarawat is one of the most popular boys on campus. Tine asks for help from Sarawat to act as they are dating to drive Green away who is trying to pursue her but she is not interested in him. Eventually, this pretence starts becoming reality.

2. Why R U? (2020)

Zon is a shy but determined science fiction writer and on the other hand Saifah is a popular musician who gets into trouble a lot. He starts writing science fiction stories after a bet with his sister Zol. But his writing is cut short after being scolded by his parents for not paying attention to his studies. So, to win the bet his friends advise him to copy from his sister and while doing so she discovers that his name is being used alongside his enemy Saifah.

3. Cutie Pie (2022)

Lian Kilen Wang and KueaKirinKeerati are caught in a dilemma. Due to a promise made to their parents and grandparents, they are made to agree to an arranged same-sex marriage. Kirin is a free-spirited musician, singer and drummer while Lian is a serious businessman. Where Kuea wants to pursue a happy life with Lian, the emotion is not reciprocated- at least not immediately.

4. My School President (2022)

Tinn, the student body president, has a secret crush on Gun, the head of the music club and the lead singer of the middling band Chinzhilla. Tinn happens to be the principal’s son and is directed to shut any club that does not add any benefit to the school’s reputation. The music club is at the top of the list, making Tinn Gun’s most prominent opponent. Gun is desperate to save his club and will go to any length, including swearing allegiance to Tinn. When Tinn discovers that the band members can’t date until they win the Hot Wave Music Contest, he swears to do everything it takes to help them do so.

5. Hidden Agenda (2023)

A university student, Zo finally decides to pursue his long-time crush, Nita. In order to court her, he asks Joke, Nita’s ex, for dating advise. And Joke agrees to aid him in exchange for membership in the debate club. Or so he tells Zo.

6. Close Friend (2021)

It is the story of six separate pairings of man experience six distinct types of love. It contains six songs performed by six Boxx Music artists.

7. The Best Story (2021)

The class most popular boy in school, Dew, won the heart of Best, a guy who sucks at everything he does, despite his name. His love agenda won the support of his two friends.

8. 609 Bedtime Story (2022)

One day, the playboy and owner of room 609, a strange man, is sleeping on Mum’s bed. When they first meet, they enjoy a passionate night, and then weird things continue to happen. Mum always wakes up in the middle of the night, terrified, having dreamed of some inexplicable event. He finally gets to meet Dew in person. Even though it’s Dew’s last day, their first meeting also marks the start of their mutual assistance in changing the future.

9. Why You Y Me (2022)

Gap is the frontman of the unknown band Evening Sunday, and Namwa is a die-hard admirer of a ghost ship. The two are assigned to a group project together at university after a rocky meeting with each other. Through her connections, Gap’s band is able to rehearse in a high-end studio, where they discover Namwa is the younger sister of a world-renowned music producer. So, Gap believes he can ask Namwa to help the band.

10. Bad Buddy (2021)

This is the story of Pran and Pat whose families had a long-standing rivalry. This rivalry extends to Pran and Pat. When comparing their son’s achievements, whether academic or extracurricular, the two families go to great lengths to outshine in front one another. The rivalry has been passed down as a legacy, and the two leads become rivals in return until they become worn out of this competition and decide to become friends. But, due to the conditions of their family, they have to keep their friendship secret and even a secret romance.