Article: 10 Action Scenes Of Chinese That Rocked Cinema

The genre of action movies has always been brilliantly captivating, with the protagonist and antagonist performing stellar moves fired by vengeance, which builds the momentum of the long-awaited climax. Over the years, both the movie industry and the audience have credited the East Asian talent of producing killer tactics in their action scenes which has led the youth worldwide to idolize and follow their moves. The props, graphics, music and, of course, the actors all work together in a perfect rhythm to provide a real-life effect to the fight scenes. This article focuses on ten such action scenes in various Chinese movies that left their mark in the history of cinema forever.

1. Paradox (2017)

With Louis Koo, Wu Yue, Tony Jaa, and Gordon Lam as the leads, Paradox showed the love for one’s daughter through a fight filled with bloodshed. To save his daughter, the protagonist went to unexpected lengthsextents, and these were seen in the scenes where the actors used fire extinguishers and bone saws to knock down each other for good. If the audience thought that they were going to stop at that, the actors proved them wrong and went on to use their teeth on their opponents. This just highlighted the desperate emotions of a father in search of his beloved daughter and this rawness of the acts made this a popular film of the late 2020s.


2. SPL II: A Time For Consequences (2015)

Tony Jaa, Wu Jing, Zhang Jin, and Louis Koo once again overwhelmed the audience with their fanatic action scenes in this movie. The knife fight scene between Kit (Wu Jing), the undercover cop, and the knife assassin stole the crown as with every single turn of the knives, the audience were on their toes praying that their favourite character did not get stabbed.


3. The 36th Chamber Of Shaolin (1978)

Gordon Liu got his nickname “Master Killer” from this movie due to his delightful martial arts steps that he showcased throughout the movie so charmingly that it outshined the traditional concept of action scenes. The intense training of Kung Fu shown in the film mixed with the rebellious attitude of the gifted protagonist San Te is the highlight of the film.


4. Enter The Dragon (1973)

Bruce Lee’s talent and persistence have forever shaken the critics and audience to their core, and Enter The Dragon was no exception. The dungeon fight scene where Bruce Lee handled the nun-chucks with expertise and precision to rattle the opponents out of their wit indeed left a mark in the memories of the viewers. Bruce Lee once again proved his position as everybody’s inspiration through his dedicated labour towards this film.


5. Once Upon A Time In China (The First Installment -1991)

The celebrated Jet Li returned to steal the hearts of the action movie lovers with his excellent attempt at Kung Fu. The combat scenes in the restaurant and the opera have a lasting effect as the kicks thrown were filled with the essence of Kung Fu.


6. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000)

Probably the most incredible action scenes of all time were filmed for this movie. The fact that the responsibility of carrying out the action scenes relied upon women and they outlived the expectations with such grace made this film an unforgettable one. The change in Michelle Yeoh’s fighting style as she cycled through an armoury of weapons left the watchers stunned. The effort, the props, the cinematography all worked together to make this film a work of art for the years to come.


7. House Of Flying Daggers (2004)

Exhibiting the peak of martial arts, this movie tried out various locations to portray the characters’ expert moves - from bamboo forests to snow-clad jungles, the protagonists were attacked by trained opponents in all the terrains. The one scene that closed the curtains for all was the sword fight of the blind girl. One might even say that the visually impaired girl displayed fighting abilities numerous times better than any visually-able person.


8. Kung Fu Hustle (2004)

The perfect mashup of action and humour, Kung Fu Hustle included elements of comedy in its action scenes. Anyone who has seen the movie can never forget the casino fight scene and the harpist who fought with musical notes. The brawls in the film did not spread toe-curling fear or awe, rather rendered the audience laughing for ages


9. Hero (2002)

Hero is one of the many historical Chinese movies but what made it different was the legendary pairing of Jet Li and Donnie Yen. Accompanied by fantastic auditory effects and mind-boggling graphics, the sword duel between these two veteran actors just sealed the deal for any action movie maniac. 


10. Rise Of The Legend (2014)

What enhanced the challenging action scenes in the movie was that Eddie Peng practised martial arts for three whole years before shooting the film. The fluidity and the power with which he executed the moves on the villains who did not leave a chance of ganging upon him from all the angles, along with the brilliant cinematography, gave a three-dimensional effect to the movie.