Article: Ten Chinese Action Films That Got A Good Response Worldwide

China is the birthplace of Chinese Kung Fu. Many Kung Fu actors demonstrate their superb martial arts skills in films, eventually developing a distinctive action genre movie in the industry. The top ten Chinese action films are listed below.

1. Fist Of Legend

A martial arts movie from Hong Kong 1994, Fist of Legend stars Kung Fu superstar Jet Li and features choreography by Yuen Woo-ping. The movie's fight scenes are pretty fantastic and thrilling, fully showcasing Jet Li's exceptional martial arts abilities. The film is a remake of the 1972 action movie Fist of Fury, in which Bruce Lee played the starring role.


2. Shaolin Temple 

In addition to being the first martial arts movie made in mainland China, this one also gave wushu champion Jet Li his big screen debut as a young man learning Shaolin kung fu to avenge the unjust death of his father. Through beautifully orchestrated practice and fighting sequences, which are performed against gorgeous scenic surroundings, a variety of fighting styles are displayed.


3. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

When the priceless Green Destiny sword is taken, two expert warriors are put in their most difficult situation ever. The young aristocrat gets ready for a planned marriage but quickly reveals her superior fighting skills and her intensely loving past. Each warrior fighting for justice must confront their fiercest opponent and the unstoppable, undying power of love.


4. The Legend Of The Drunken Master

The legend of the "Drunken Master," a martial arts champion unlike any other, who can turn just one drink into destruction and disgrace for his foes, comes from a place where honour and tradition are paramount. His delivery is quick, forceful, and incredibly humorous.


5. Once Upon A Time In China

Tsui Hark is the director of the action movie Once Upon a Time in China. The movie showcases Kung Fu icon Jet Li at the height of his acting career. Jet Li exhibits an eccentric and erratic persona as Chinese folk Kung Fu teacher Wong Fei-hung in the film. Once Upon a Time in China is the first movie of a series that includes numerous others with the same theme.


6. Fearless

Ronny Yu and Jet Li starred in the 2006 movie Fearless, Huo Yuanjia in Chinese. In terms of the story or the action sequences, Jet Li's movies never fail to impress the audience. The story is partially based on the life of renowned Chinese martial artist Huo Yuanjia, who took on foreign opponents to defend China's honor and sense of national identity.


7. Iron Monkey

In 1993, the movie Iron Monkey was filmed. It belongs to the Wong Fei-hung film series by Tsui Hark. Yuen Woo-ping, a renowned martial arts filmmaker, directed the movie, which starred Donnie Yen and Yu Rongguang. It describes the battle between a strong and treacherous shaolin monk and Wong Fei-father hung's Wong Kei-ying and a "criminal" named "Iron Monkey."


8. New Dragon Gate Inn

The 1992 wuxia action movie New Dragon Gate Inn features Maggie Cheung, Tony Leung Ka-fai, Donnie Yen and Brigitte Lin. The story, which takes place in the middle of the Ming Dynasty, describes how brave knights defend the children of loyal and upright officials while battling security agency Dong Chang's goons in the Dragon Inn in the desert. In terms of either character development or plot, the movie represents a significant advance over earlier conventional martial arts movies and ushers in a new era for Chinese martial arts movies.


9. Kung Fu Hustle

In 1940 Shanghai, gangs controlled every aspect of society. Only the poverty stricken slums could avoid organised crime.Enter Sing, a street hustler driven to be a badass mobster because of a childhood trauma that taught him that decent guys never triumph. Sadly, Sing is the only man in imperial China incapable of performing kung fu. So he poses as a member of the stylish but lethal Axe Gang to extort money from fearful scaredy cats. But when Sing and his obese, unidentified sidekick approach the particularly horrible ghetto Pig Sty Alley, the residents, who are dominated by an iron-fisted chain-smoking landlord and her drunken husband, don't fall for their trick. Before you can say "Woah!" the slum inhabitants turn out to be kung fu masters hiding out among the underprivileged. The genuine Axe Gang soon becomes aware of the tragedy and wants in on the action.


10. A Touch Of Zen

An uninspired artist in his early 30s who still lives with his mother, Ku Shen Chai, is jolted out of his comfortable rut by the appearance of Yang Hui-ching, a royal, fleeing from Gen Ou-Yang Nin, who massacred her entire family. Yang includes Gen. Shih Wen-Chiao, Gen. Nin's adversary, and the unnamed monk under whose spiritual tutelage Ku develops into a fearless warrior in her circle of defenders.