Article: 10 K Dramas About Fake Dating

Love is unconditional, but these dramas are about characters getting into a relationship for advantage. These dramas start with a bitter taste but end with the characters madly in love with each other. These dramas show the love-hate relationship and how they fall for each other even after indifference. These dramas will make you swoon.

1. Her Private Life

The series is about an artist falling in love with an art curator. Things get complicated when the girl is also a die-hard fan of a famous idol of a boy band. They are in a fake relationship, but the artist starts feeling envious of the boy band.

2. 1% Of Something

The series is about two people marrying each other only for six months to get their share of the inheritance. They are opposites but start falling for each other.

3. Love In Contract

The series is about a professional marriage scammer. She marries people to save them from forced marriages. She has been married for five years, but she is confused when Kang Hae Jin asks her to be his fake girlfriend just when she is about to retire.

4. Because This Is My First Life

The story is about an almost homeless nerdy computer designer and a drama writer who is on the verge of giving up her dreams because she can't afford to live in the city. They both marry each other so that they can escape the marriage proposals and focus on work.

5. Full House

The series is about a lady returning to her house to find her place captured by an actor. She wants to get her home back at any cost. She does household chores for him. They both develop feelings for each other.

6. Marriage Contract

The series is about an ill woman needy of money and a man who is only concerned about money. They both marry each other under an agreement. They start falling for each other.

7. Princess Hours

The series is about an ordinary high school girl forced to marry a royal prince. They start on the wrong foot. The prince dislikes her and makes her feel bad about herself. But his feelings start evolving, and romance blooms.

8. Business Proposal

The series is about a girl pretending to be her wealthy friend to help her shoo away the person her parents want her to marry. The guy ends up being the CEO of the company the girl works for, and it turns into a cat-and-mouse chase.

9. Crash Landing On You

The series is about an heiress collapsing in North Korea after a paragliding failure. A military officer discovers her and tries to protect her. She pretends to be his fiancee till she returns to her country safely.

10. Wednesday 3:30 PM

The series is about a girl who can't get over her breakup. To win her ex back, she convinces her childhood friend to pretend to be her boyfriend to make his ex jealous. But she ends up falling for her childhood friend.