Article: Top Ten Korean Idols Whose Show Is Always Sold-Out

Over the years, the Korean music industry has spread its influence all over the globe as a music genre. K-pop artists expand their stage and reach outside Korea- for shows, tours, and concerts. Here are the top ten Korean idols and groups whose Shows are always sold-out and in demand.

1. BTS- Jungkook

BTS and Jungkook have a phenomenal impact in causing tickets and even products to sell out. Growing businesses in South Korea have made headlines in Korean news- Teazen's Kombucha, Downy, Zijangsa, and others. Jungkook is known as the 'Sold-Out King' internationally, as not all celebrities have this much influence. Jungkook helps many small businesses grow, which makes the Korean public respect him. Jungkook's solo songs are above the charts in Korea.

2. Blackpink- Jennie

Jennie is famous for her aura and multi-talents, especially in rapping, singing, and dancing. She is one of the most outstanding members of the K-pop girl group BlackPink. Jennie made a name when she made her solo debut in 2018 with the song 'Solo.' The same year she won her first music show.

3. Astro- Cha Eun Woo

Cha Eun Woo is a member of ASTRO. He is an actor, model, singer, and dancer. His acting career started with the movie 'My Brilliant Life' in 2014. He also appeared and became famous in the tv comedy series 'Gangnam Beauty' and the drama 'True Beauty' (2020).

4. Twice

Twice is the first female K-pop band to perform at a sold-out show in the US. They announced Twice's fourth World Tour 'III' Encore in North America. The first show got sold-out in 60 minutes. This way, Twice became the first female K-pop group to make headlines and sold-out US stadiums.

5. Big Bang- Made World Tour

One of the biggest Kpop Tours of all time is Big Bang's Made World Tour. The tour started from April 2015 till March 2016. It became their second worldwide concert tour and covered 15 countries. More than a million fans attended the concerts, and they did over 66 shows, a record for the most shows by a K-pop group tour. This tour made Big Bang's reputation as a monumental and hottest act.

6. Super Junior

Super Junior performed at a sold-out show in Hong Kong in 2022. Despite Covid-19 restrictions on shows, thousands of fans came to the final concert at the end of the two-day event.

7. TVXQ- With Tour

With their 'With' tour, TVXQ became the best act in Japan. It was to celebrate their eighth Japanese Album and TVXQ's 10th anniversary. They attracted over 750 thousand fans. Their last tour before members left for military service was a huge success.

8. EXO

The sold-out tour by EXO was from March 2015 to March 2016. They performed in 12 countries and 25 cities, including Asian and United States cities. This tour set a world record for getting sold out in less than a minute. EXO performed with their well-known albums- Exodus, Sing For You, and Love Me Right.

9. Stray Kids

In February 2023, Stray Kids completed their sold-out World Tour 'Maniac' in Japan. This sold-out tour raised their expectations for their first dome concert. Stray Kids held four encore performances and recorded an impressive attendance of 250 thousand of people, both on and offline audiences.

10. Seventeen

After the release of Seventeen's first Japanese album- DREAM, this K-pop group got a sold-out dome tour in Japan. Fans express excitement for Seventeen selling over 270 thousand seats in Japan show. They noticed that S.Coups predicted it years before.