Article: 10 Biggest Kpop Debuts

Kpop debuts can be make-or-break moments. These groups debuted with spectacular songs and music videos which made the audiences become their fans. These groups worked very hard toward the success of their songs. They won the hearts of the audiences. They got better every time and released many tracks after their debut.

1. Bigbang —  We Belong Together

Bigbang shook the entire Kpop industry with its song. All members gave their contributions to the composition of this song. The album sold more than fifty thousand copies and entered the Gaon charts.

2. Girls’ Generation — Into The New World

Girls’ Generation became the most admired girl Kpop band. They released Into The New World and confirmed their place in the industry. They showcased their dancing and music skills in the video.

3. Blackpink — Whistle” And “boombayah

The biggest girl Kpop group debuted in 2016. Everybody chanted “Blackpink in your area” after the release of the music videos. They surprised the audience with their dancing skills, music, and production.

4. Shinee — Replay

SHINee released their first track and caught the eye of the audience with their charming faces and talent. They started a fashion trend after the release of the music video.

5. 2ne1 — Fire

The group released two tracks, but only one of them got promoted. The release of Fire started a new wave in the Kpop industry with a blend of hip-hop and r&b genres.

6. Exo — Mama

EXO released the upbeat track Mama under SM Entertainment. They sold the tracks in a short time and even entered Billboard. They got admired by the audience in Korea but also in China.

7. Bts — No More Dream

The group debuted with hip-hop and the different difficulties a teenager faces in their lives. They focused on mental health issues, and their motive was to inspire people through their music and dance.

8. Red Velvet — Happiness

The girl group debuted with their music video Happiness, and it reached almost 2 million. But the video was removed and revamped because of the controversy. They still managed to make it to the second most watched video.

9. Twice — Like Ohh-ahh

TWICE made the largest debut with the highest number of views. They became the heartthrobs of the Kpop industry. They introduced new styles of music and fashion with their music video.

10. Got7 — Girls Girls Girls

GOT7 debuted with this track, and the girls could not resist crushing on them. The group debuted with an E-boy fashion and hip-hop style of music with impeccable dancing skills.