Article: Top 10 Korean Breakup Songs

Have you had a rough breakup and need to vent? Or are you simply having a bad day and want to listen to some sad songs that will make you feel everything? Then give these K-Pop breakup songs a listen. When you're feeling low, they're sure to let you let it all out!

1. Red Velvet — One Of These Nights

Red Velvet is known for its energetic music, yet "One Of These Nights" is one of their most lovely slow ballads. It's a song about saying farewell, and the girls' voices capture every emotion that comes with the occasion. Give this song a listen if you're looking for anything that will completely understand what you're going through while also soothing your heart.



2NE1 has a few songs that will strike you right in the feelings as well as tunes that will make you feel like a total badass. One of the better tunes for this is "GOODBYE." It's all about saying goodbye and how it makes you feel, as the title says.


3. Amber ft. Gen Neo — On My Own

Amber's gentle vocals, combined with Gen Neo's equally soulful voice, make this a lovely tune, but the lyrics are equally lovely. Plus, because it's entirely in English, this song may hit you even harder.


4. Onew and Rocoberry — Lullaby

Although this isn't a breakup song, the melancholy melody and hauntingly beautiful harmonisation of Rocoberry and Onew will undoubtedly crush your heart. "Sleep good tonight, my dear," the song says. Even though you were alone, even though you were lonely, I am right here," you'll remember this song for a long time.


5. Urban Zakapa — I Don’t Love You

"I Don't Love You" is one of Urban Zakapa's finest tracks. Not only is the song itself deeply moving, but the music video is as well.


6. Jonghyun — End Of A Day

Jonghyun has always been able to capture the various feelings that every one of us experiences. Listen to "End Of A Day" if you need to let it all out and be moved by Jonghyun's very lovely and soothing voice.


7. Taeyeon — Fine

The combination of Taeyeon's vocals and an acoustic guitar is sure to take your breath away. It's a genuinely wonderful tune that's perfect for a good cry or any other occasion.


8. G-Dragon — Untitled 2014

"Untitled 2014" examines one aspect of a relationship's demise. "Even on the day I left you," the song says. It's a genuinely beautiful and touching song with lines like "If I could see you again, I don't care if I lose everything" and "I made you cry with cruel words, but I regretted it as soon as I turned around." Plus, G-voice, Dragon's along with the piano, creates a stunning and distinctive sound that will take your breath away.


9. Brown Eyed Girls — Wave

"Wave" examines how you feel immediately before a breakup, capturing every single idea that travels through your mind before you decide to split up. Although "Wave" is a little more lively than some of the other songs on our list, it will nonetheless appeal to your heart.


10. Girl’s Day — I Miss You

Girl's Day is all about the brave face that many of us put on even while our hearts are aching. "I want to cry," one of their lyrics says. I'm trying to keep a grin on my face," will speak to you.