Article: Top 10 Korean Celebrity Hosts

Korea is known for its hilarious and exciting variety shows. In a variety of programmes, hosts work together with guests to entertain the audience. Talented hosts are articulate, confident, and outgoing. Korean TV hosts frequently begin their careers as comedians before transitioning to hosting television shows. Learn more about Korean performers who specialise in hosting variety shows, as well as their early careers and significant attractions.

1. Yoo Jae-Suk

Yoo Jae-suk is a humorist, host, and tv presenter from South Korea. Infinite Challenge, Running Man, Happy Together, and Hangout With Yoo are some of the variety shows he has presented in South Korea.


2. Kim Shin-Young

Kim Shin-young made her comedic debut at SBS' GAG Concert in 2003. She rose to prominence after appearing in SBS's People Looking For Laughter with fellow comedian, Park Tae-hyeon, in a comedy nook called Brother. Her hilarious pairing with Park Tae-hyeon got them roles in additional shows.


3. Kang Ho-Dong

Kang Ho-dong left wrestling in 1993 to pursue a career as a comedian and TV host. Lee Kyung-kyu, a senior TV host, was his mentor. Later in life, he rose to fame as the host of popular variety shows such as X-Man and Love Letter. In the same year, he became the first individual to win three major awards from three major television stations.


4. Shin Dong-Yup

Shin Dong-yup is a prominent TV variety show host and comedian. He began his career as a theatre performer and then as a comedian in 1991. He developed his greetings, which quickly became a catchphrase. In late 1999, at the height of his celebrity, he was charged with consuming and having marijuana and was sentenced to prison. In less than two years, he was back in the entertainment sector, however, some Koreans thought his reflection period was too short.


5. Yoo Hui-Yeol

Yoo Hui-yeol is a Korean variety show host who specialises in music. He earned his bachelor's degree in music from Seoul National University. He was frequently involved in the composition and production of music for Korean vocalists. Aside from music, he's written novels and served as a radio DJ. As a judge on the idol survival show K POP Star, he took part in the competition.


6. Kim Byeong-Man

He hosts various physical variety shows outside. The most well-known programme is Law of the Jungle, a survival documentary set in the outdoors. Kim Byeong-man and a group of celebrities travel to remote locations and live there for a short time in each episode.


7. Lee Soo-Geun

Kang Ho-dong and Lee Soo-geun regularly co-hosted TV shows. They appeared together on several variety shows and became a popular host team. Because of his amusing comments, he became a fan favourite. In a variety of programmes, it's crucial to read the other host's mind and respond with amusing remarks. Lee Soo-geun is the star of jTBC's Knowing Bros and other hit shows.


8. Park Myung-Soo

In comparison to current trends, Park Myung-hosting soo's manner seems a little antiquated. He has limits in that he cannot lead and direct the flow of a television show. He was frequently sidetracked from the primary topic by making himself the centre of attention with his jokes.


9. Lee Young-Ja

Lee Young-ja is a TV host and comedian. She made her debut in 1991 as part of MBC's Gag Concert. Before becoming a comedian, she was a prominent programme host for night shows. Lee Young-ja was dubbed the Dung Lady because of her distinctive hairstyle, which resembled poop.


10. Kim Jong-Min

He began appearing on variety shows in 2004 and has since been a regular on television. He has the qualities of being naive, comical, and foolish. He was often saying foolish things and making inconceivable statements in X-Man, however in a nice way. He serves as a supporting host on television shows.