Article: Ten Korean Celebrities Who Were Fat But Now Fit

While being in the entertainment industry, it is important to maintain your figure. No matter how much we seem to disagree, the industry is very important to maintain your visuals as it is one of the factors that can affect the popularity of that celebrity.

We as the audience, all of us enjoy a good motivational story of how we can get a healthy body and it has helped a lot of people.

1. P.o – Block B

P.O, a member of BLOCK B said that while he was in high school, he weighed over 100 kg. P.O opted to do it to fulfil his aspirations since he wanted to prepare for his debut. P.O maintains his body with training and a healthy diet during his time as an idol. His drive to keep going was evident in the moments leading up to his debut.


2. Wendy – Red Velvet

Wendy is one of the K-Pop Idols that had been overweight in the past, even though her pre-debut images demonstrate that she is naturally curvaceous. She was also subjected to a great deal of humiliation, As a result, she continued to be obsessed with her weight. She did it to the point that she looked anorexic at one point during her career since she had dropped so much weight. Her physicality, on the other hand, does not determine her abilities. Wendy has a wonderful voice.


3. Yoseob – Highlight

In the KBS2 TV show Vitamin in 2013, Yoseob, a member of the group HIGHLIGHT (previously Beast), discussed his weight reduction. As he was formerly overweight, he disclosed the technique for growing his stomach muscles. He also stated that he likes to eat healthily and exercise to stay in shape. "Boxing also helps me naturally reduce weight." Yoseob got his body by exercising regular boxing and dieting.


4. Park Boram

Park Boram, a successful debut vocalist from Superstar K2, weighed 170 pounds when she first appeared on television. She shed 70 pounds and now has a trim figure thanks to a well-balanced diet and plenty of exercise time. Park Bo Ram said that she shed 32 kilogrammes (70 pounds) in the past by eating five meals a day, each of which consisted of half a banana and one egg.


5. Kang Sora

Kang Sora, a popular actress, confessed on a TV show that she used to weigh 156 pounds before her debut and had to lose 44 pounds to get into acting school. She's been dropping weight steadily since then. She published images of herself during her ballet training and impressed everyone.


6. Ailee

When Ailee made her debut, she had a gorgeous physique. She stated that she weighed more than 132 pounds. In a short month, she dropped 22 pounds by consuming only 500 kcal a day while keeping up with her singing and dance routines. Ailee reported that she had reduced 10 kg (22 lbs) and detailed her diet, adding, "Each time, I ate 500 calories." "100 grams of proteins, such as shrimp, steak, chicken breast, or crab meat; a little number of vegetables; and one fruit every meal," she explained.


7. Shin So Yul

Actress Shin So Yul revealed an old photo of herself when she was 20 years old and weighed 165 pounds on the Talk Club Actors. She starved herself for a month after hearing her boyfriend's friends call her overweight, subsisting only on cabbage and water, to reach 101 pounds. She is now 112 pounds, thanks to daily exercise and a well-balanced diet.


8. Jihyo – Twice

Jihyo is another K-Pop idol to admit to being overweight. Despite her evident attractiveness, she has faced criticism due to her weight. Even a very nasty photographer working on one of her music videos once told her she looked obese. Jihyo, on the other hand, has lost weight in recent years. She appears to be thinner and sleeker. The greatest part is that she doesn't appear unwell or anything, therefore we can conclude that she has healthily dropped weight.


9. Kyla – Pristin

Even though Kyla made her debut without reducing weight, she joins the ranks of former K-Pop idols who were overweight. Despite Kyla's naturally attractive features, K-Netizens chastised her only for her weight. Fortunately, even though the comments bothered her, she was unconcerned. She didn't follow such stringent diets to meet Korean expectations.


10. T.O.P – Bigbang

T.O.P weighed 90 kg when he was a YG ENTERTAINMENT trainee. T.O.P is one of the few K-Pop idols that has been obese in the past. He tried numerous strategies to reduce weight because he was overweight. As a result, he may be able to make his K-Pop debut. T.O.P exclusively ate unsweetened gelatin at the time, and he shed 20 kg in just 40 days. Of course, the promise of Yang Hyun-suk, CEO of YG Entertainment, that the rapper would debut after achieving his desired body weight was his major drive to lose weight. T.O.P was fortunate enough to succeed, and we now benefit from his tremendous talent. However, we are curious as to how much pain he has had to endure to achieve that.