Article: 10 Korean Dramas About Friendship

Friendships are like the warmth of the sun in the chilly winters. These dramas show friends that go through many tests, but it leads to making their bond stronger. The characters portray their roles impressively and make the audiences believe they have been friends for a long time. Watch these dramas with a friend or if you miss your friend too much.

1. Reply 1988

The series is about families living in the same neighborhood. As teenagers are in their last year of high school, they go through turmoil in their friendship.

2. My First First Love

The series is about a group of friends moving into one house because of problems in their lives. It leads to their friendship getting stronger.

3. Strong Girl Bong-Soon

The series is about a girl born with superpowers. She is born extremely strong and hides her power to fit in. She is fortunate to have a friend who supports her every time.

4. Something In The Rain

The series is about a woman meeting her best friend’s brother. She is a workaholic but falls in love with him at first sight.

5. Welcome To Waikiki

The series is about actor and director aspirants who want to make their movies. They open a guesthouse to earn money to invest in the making of the film.

6. Twenty Again

The series is about a mother wanting to attend the same school as her son because she gets diagnosed with cancer. She makes friends and wins her son’s heart.

7. Chicago Typewriter

The story is about three friends who get reincarnated into the present. They rediscover their friendship and live for 80 years together.

8. Sassy Go Go

The series is about a group of high schoolers studying in a school with academic pressure. They decide to start their cheerleading team.

9. Dear My Friends

The series is about a girl who accompanies her mother to a reunion. She becomes surprisingly interested in their stories about friendship and romance.

10. Fight For My Way

The series is about a young man wanting to become a taekwondo champ and a girl working at a departmental store. They both are childhood friends and support each other till the very end.