Article: Top 10 Classic K-Dramas

Korean dramas of the 2000s continue to sprinkle their magic on the audiences of today. The classic love triangles, the poor girl-rich guy relationship, and the tension from the families will always be a nostalgic walk of binging. So let’s reminisce over some of the Top 10 Classic Korean Dramas:

1. Coffee Prince

This classic rom-com followed the story of  Han Gyul, the grandson of the chairperson of the renowned chain of companies, Dong-in Foods who was forced to run an old coffee shop, to prove his capabilities and move on from his former crush. However, he decided to only hire good-looking male employees. Later, he met Go Eun Chan, a poor girl in the guise of a male who joined his coffee shop and pretended to be his gay best friend. Eventually, the story revealed different comical layers of struggles, a love triangle, star-studded cast like Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun-Hye, keeping the audience engaged until the end.

2. Winter Sonata

This 2002 melodrama revolved around Kang Joon Sang, who transferred to a new school in search of his biological father. He eventually became friends with his classmates, Jung Yoo Jin, Kim Sang Hyuk, and Oh Chae Rin wherein he fell in love with Yoo Jin. Later, on New Year’s Eve, they promised to meet each other again, however, Joon Sang didn't show up because of an accident that he met with, where he lost his memory and moved to the USA, with his mother. 10 years later, Yoo Jin, who was about to get married, met a guy resembling Joon Sang, which rekindled her feelings for him. This drama was a classic melodrama that continues to attract the attention of audiences worldwide.

3. Secret Garden

This drama revolved around Kim Joo Won, a young and wealthy CEO of a renowned department CEO, and Gil Ra Im, a stunt actress who was an orphan and extremely poor. They met when he was asked to pick up an actress for his celebrity sister, Osaka, and mistakenly picks Gil Ra Im instead. Later he fell in love with her. Ra Im was a hardcore fan of Osaka and she won a content to his contest at Jeju Island. Eventually, all of them ended up on the same island where Joo Won and Ra Im got lost and accidentally entered a restaurant named Secret Garden. They mistakenly drank a mythical alcohol which led them to switch their bodies. This drama revealed different hilarious and adorable moments, making this a classic binge-worthy show!

4. My Lovely Sam Soon

This 2005 romance drama revolved around a 29-year-old baker, Kim Sam Soon, who caught her boyfriend cheating on Christmas Eve, and Hyun Ji Hun, a restaurant owner who coincidentally met Sam Soon and wished to recruit her in his restaurant. Later, they started to work together and bickered through different problems while maintaining a fake relationship with Ji Hyun. This drama was a classic Kdrama romance that attracted the attention of audiences worldwide.

5. Stairway To Heaven

This drama was released in 2003 and it followed the story of childhood sweethearts Song Joo and Jeong Seo, who were separated due to time and an accident. Song Joo was the heir to a multinational company for which he had to study abroad. A few years later, he returned to find Jeong Seo, who failed to remember him due to an accident that led to temporary amnesia. Eventually, the drama portrayed their journey of finding each other once again and rekindling their lost love. This drama had a mixture of romance, sadness, and melodrama, making it a great weekend watch!


6. My Girl

This 2005 drama revolved around Joo Yoo Rin, a poor girl with an exceptional talent for lying, and Gong Chan, a wealthy guy whose grandfather was hospitalized. Later, he asked her to pretend to be his long-lost cousin, whom his grandfather desperately searched for. Eventually, they entered into a contractual sibling relationship while bickering through the struggles of love and past relationships. My Girl was a classic rom-com drama that gained the attention of audiences worldwide.

7. Boys Over Flowers

This classic school drama followed the story of a poor girl, Geum Jan-Di who surprisingly was selected into a prestigious school where she encountered the F4, an elite group of the school. Journeying through love, relationships, love triangles, and family issues, the F4 and others matured into better individuals.  The classic Love triangle between Geum Jan Di, Gu Jun Pyo, and Yoon Ji Hoo, has boosted the growth of this drama.

8. Descendants Of The Sun

This war/romance drama revolved around Yoo Si Jin, the captain of the Korean special forces who fell in love with  Dr. Mo Yeon, a trauma specialist while catching a thief. Although they were opposites, they eventually found each other and built a strong and mature relationship. This drama also portrayed a second couple, depicting a beautiful relationship between another chief officer and an army doctor, which gained the attention of audiences worldwide.

9. Full House

This 2004 romantic comedy revolved around an aspiring scriptwriter Han Ji Eun, who lived in a house inherited through her parents and was fooled by her two best friends, who sold off her property while she was away. On her way home, she met the famous actor, Lee Young Jae, with whom she ended up on bad terms due to misunderstandings. Later, she realized that the new owner of the house was Young Jae, and due to the sudden course of events and for mutual benefits, they entered into a contract marriage. Their chaotic and adorable romance has marked its place in the hearts of audiences from all walks of life.

10. Princess Hours

This 2006 drama followed the story of Chae Kyeong, a high school girl from a poor family who agreed to marry the Crown Prince, Lee Shin, due to an age-old promise made by their families. Later, the story portrayed Lee Shin's ex-girlfriend returning to the picture and a second lead for Chae Kyeong, thus, making this a classic Kdrama for the audience. Lee Shin and Chae Kyeong also bickered and journeyed through multiple struggles on their way while developing an adorable relationship.