Article: Top 10 Psychologist Chinese Dramas

Mental Health is an important aspect of a person’s life. Nowadays, the emerging focus on mental health and its professionals has helped in developing awareness amongst the people. Chinese dramas have also contributed their share of the emerging psychological content. Following are some of the top 10 Psychologist Chinese Dramas:

1. Unforgettable Love

This romance drama followed the story of He Qiao Yan, a cold CEO of a renowned business who had adopted his brother’s son, who was notorious but never spoke anything. Later, his kid coincidentally met Qin Yueyue, a compassionate and committed child psychologist, and immediately called her ‘mom’.  Witnessing this sudden change in his child, he asked Qin Yueyue to enter into a contractual relationship with him. Eventually, they became his parents and helped the child overcome his traumatic past while finding love and solace within each other, This drama was a heartfelt psychological romance drama that touched on the aspects of patience and compassion that are required while dealing with any mental disorder.

2. The Psychologist

This popular 2021 drama revolved around He Dun, a psychologist who experienced a downfall in her career due to fatal feedback on her public service announcement on suicide prevention. Later, she unexpectedly met the radio host, Qian Kai, while she went on dinner with her friends. He asked He Dun to join him and together they hosted a show on emotional psychological counseling. Eventually, she climbed the ladder in her professional field while falling in love with Qian Kai and battling the struggles of her personal and professional lives. This drama had a realistic perspective of the emotional rollercoaster that a psychologist goes through while juggling the struggles of life.

3. Psych-Hunter

This unique psychological drama followed the story of Jiang Shuo, a young man who suffered from amnesia and was in the business of buying and selling haunted houses. He met Qin Yi Heng, a psychologist who received a letter with Jiang Shuo's death countdown. Yi Heng's father and several others went missing a year back, and their family received a similar note. Later, along with Yuan Mu Qing, a military general's daughter, they solved the mystery behind these cases. This drama was a unique and mysterious take on psychology and amnesia which kept the audience engaged till the end.

4. From Survivor To Healer

This drama revolved around childhood sweethearts Yan Shu Ren, a Ph.D. student, and Shu Shu, a year younger than him,  who parted ways when they were young, due to sudden life changes and crises. 5 years later, they returned and ended up working in the same hospital, where Yan Shu Ren was a psychiatrist and the latter, a psychologist. Eventually, they found each other again and rekindled their broken love, and together dealt with the struggles and challenges of life. This drama was an adorable romantic comedy that focused on the lives of psychiatrists and psychologists and touched on modern-day mental health problems.

5. The Oath Of Love

This romance drama revolved around Lin Zhi Xiao, a budding and exceptional pianist whose father was diagnosed with cancer, and Gu Wei, a gastrologist, who was infamously known for his underconfidence in performing surgeries and was insisted by Zhi Xiao for handling her father’s case. Later, they found love and solace within each other while juggling their personal and professional struggles. This drama had a unique and heartfelt touch on mental health wherein his underconfidence was affiliated with a traumatic incident in the past and also portrayed the mental difficulties that a cancer patient’s family goes through. The story also focused on the aspects of patience and understanding that are required in any relationship.

6. My Girl

This 2020 drama revolved around Meng Hui, a makeup artist who was creating her local line of cosmetics and suffered from a split personality that was triggered due to a traumatic event in the past. She tends to randomly switch between her distinct personalities, thus struggling with the consequences all her life. Later, she met Shen Yi, the CEO of a renowned cosmetics company, and due to a sudden course of events, she declared herself to be his girlfriend. Eventually, the drama focused on them maintaining a fake relationship for mutual benefit, while gradually falling in love with each other. This drama also focused on the journey of Meng Hui, accepting and moving on from her past, and portrayed the importance of support displayed by Shen Yi, in helping her relinquish and treat her disorder.

7. Oh My Drama Lover

This drama followed the story of Zhu Li Lan, a mystery novelist who was transported into her novel after she met with an accident. She was now living the life of a character named Qian Zhenzhen, who had no memory of her past. Later, she fell in love with her assistant, who was suffering from a split personality, and together they solved the mystery behind the different strange incidents in their lives, which were all connected to a psychologist. This drama was highly engaging as every twist and turn, kept the audience gripped to their seats while developing a beautiful and adorable relationship of trust and patience.

8. Love Me If You Dare

This 2015 romance/ crime drama followed the story of Simon Bo, an exceptional criminal psychologist who was gifted with the ability to read people’s minds and worked as an analyst and advisor for the police, while also working as a professor at the University of Maryland. Later, he met with his newly recruited assistant, Jenny Jian, who was the daughter of a veteran police investigator. Together they dealt with numerous cases, while learning about the equal importance of the emotional aspect of cases, and eventually fell in love with each other.

9. The Journey Across The Night

This drama revolved around Li Jia, a young guy who was obliged to study psychiatry and move abroad, to avoid the genetic disease of schizophrenia that ran in his family. In Hong Kong, he became friends with Zhang Cha, a quirky student, and Shi Cheng, who was studying human anatomy. Together, the three of them battled multiple dangerous and psychologically disturbed strangers, while building a strong bond of friendship. This drama portrayed a very fresh perspective on mental health patients and depicted the reality of their conditions at the mental health hospital. The drama also had a realistic perception of mental health diseases and the struggles that an individual goes through while dealing with them.

10. Dream Garden

This thriller/ romance drama followed the story of Xiao Xiao, a love expert whose best friend suddenly went missing one day. Later, she started investigating her friend’s disappearance which linked her to a clinical psychologist, Lin Shen. She came to know about her friend’s mental abuse that was caused by her boyfriend, and with the help of Lin Shen, she hoped to help her friend move on. Eventually, she also ended up working as his assistant, and through the bicker and quarrels, they found love. This drama beautifully touched upon the aspect of mental and physical abuse, and the after effect of the same on the victim.