Article: Top 10 Thai Mini Dramas

Mini-series are a great go-to when we are short of time. Thai mini lakorns are generally very cute, gripping, and romantic which keeps the audience engaged till the end. These dramas portray different stories in just 8-12 episodes, which makes them highly binge-worthy. Let’s look at some of the Top 10 Thai Mini Dramas:

1. 2gether

This popular Boys’ Love Thai lakorn followed the story of Tine, a good-looking and popular high school student who wished to always have a girlfriend but was rather being chased by a gay guy named Green. As he never reciprocated Green’s feelings, he begged Sarawat, an introverted musician and one of the most popular guys, to be his fake boyfriend. Eventually, their fake relationship bloomed into a real and adorable relationship which was fawn over by fans worldwide. This mini-series spanned 2 seasons and can be a great one-day binge!

2. Dirty Laundry

This mini-series revolved around Neon, a late-shift laundromat attendant who fell in love with Night, a murder mystery novelist who was also her savior from the customers’ rampage. However, the moment she entered his apartment, she discovered a briefcase full of one million baht. As she desperately needed money, she stole the bag and hid it in the laundromat. Later, Night realized this theft and wished to get his briefcase back, for which Neon agreed, but found the briefcase to be missing. Eventually, they team up to identify the culprit among the customers that came to the laundromat that night while falling in love. This mini-series aired 6 episodes, making this a great weekend watch!

3. My Sassy Princess: Cinderella

This 2022 mini-series revolved around a modern-day Cinderella story with a twist of not waiting for her Fairy Godmother but rather preferring to independently find a way out. Later, she disguised herself in a gown and wore her pinching and tight glass slippers to woo the Wealthy Prince. This classic teen romance followed the story of the hilarious incidents she battled with while growing an adorable and unique fairytale romance with the prince. This 8 episodes series is a wonderful stress buster that is filled with teenage romance, comedy, and a lighthearted storyline.

4. Blackout

This thriller series revolved around a group of friends, who were partying and found themselves trapped in a mysterious and estranged bar the next day. One of them was injured but she had no memories of the same. None of them remembered how and why were they trapped and were not able to find a way out. This drama was the first vertically filmed lakorn by Nadao Bangkok in partnership with AIS Play and was highly successful in keeping the audience engaged till the end. This mini-series had a gripping storyline, wonderful cinematography, and an amazing cast, making this drama binge-worthy!

5. Love You My Arrogance

This 2020 mini-series followed the story of Sun, a popular and handsome Youtuber who was also gifted with the ability to hear people’s state of mind and thoughts. However, sometimes this ability was overwhelming, so he used to put on his headphones and avoid people. But, this led to a downfall in his Youtube career as people assumed him to be arrogant. To resume his career, he decided to create his content closer to the community, where he met a young writer named Anna, who was curious to learn more about his secret ability and wished to write his story. Although they were opposites in every aspect, they eventually fell in love, and with her help, Sun was able to use his ability to his advantage.

6. 21 Days Theory

This BL drama revolved around Q, a handsome and ambitious high school student, and X, a good-looking foreign student delegate and the school representative. The day they met, X challenged Q to convince an internet idol, Mook, in a period of 3 weeks, to come for the upcoming net awards. The loser of the bet must comply with the winner's wishes. However, Q didn't know about X's secret crush on him. The drama later portrayed their blooming and adorable relationship that developed in those 3 weeks.

7. Bad Genius

This Thai drama was a film adaptation of the same name and followed the story of a group of students who aspired to make millions by stealing and selling off national-level test papers. This mini-series depicted the reality of cheating taking place in Thailand and focused on bringing a closer approach to storytelling, unlike the movie. The cast did an amazing job of portraying the characters and the story which kept the audience engaged till the end.

8. Midnight Motel

This mystery/thriller Thai mini-series revolved around Mote, a poor guy who worked at his aunt's 'Midnight Motel' to pay off his debts, where he accidentally got involved in a dispute between a sex worker named Kat and her manager. Later, along with Kat and his tech friend Doi, they developed a prostitution app to fulfill their debts and ambitions. The drama later took a mysterious turn when they got involved in the murder of one of their wealthy clients. The characters also dialogue some engaging dark humor in the darkest of times. The gripping storyline and impeccable cinematography made this drama binge-worthy!

9. Love Lie Hide Fake: The Series

This drama followed the story of a young DJ, who pretended to be gay to gain fame and popularity among the trending audience and faked a relationship with his friend to do so. However, in the course, he falls in love with a girl. This mini-series was a light-hearted mix of drama, comedy, and romance which gained the attention of audiences worldwide.

10. Gasohug

This drama followed the story of a young girl named Eve, who was gifted with the ability to see her future in her dreams, where she also saw her Prince Charming who was a supposed engineer. However, this dream did not come true as the guy, who was named Pun,  turned out to be an employee at a gas station instead of a rising engineer. Later, the story journeyed through her making Pun fall in love with her, and grew to realize the difference between a dream and reality. This mini-series was a mix of romance, comedy, and drama, making it binge-worthy!