Article: Top 10 Modern Fantasy Chinese Dramas

Fantasy Dramas are always intriguing and tend to bring out the vivid imaginations of the audience and keep them engaged till the end. Chinese Dramas are popularly known for building creative fantasy stories which are a blend of romance, comedy, and fiction. Let's look at some of the Top 10 Modern Fantasy Chinese Dramas:

1. My Amazing Boyfriend

This novel adaption revolved around an alien, Xue Ling Qiao, who has been asleep for a century and was suddenly awakened by Tian Jing, a struggling and unlucky actress, in an accident. Later, she was compelled to make him her roommate, thus sowing the seeds of their love-hate relationship. Eventually, they discovered an age-old cosmic secret that had put Xue Ling Qiao to sleep and journeyed through the struggles of past and present lives while developing an adorable relationship. This drama spanned 2 seasons and was the epitome of modern fantasy with a touch of romance of comedy.

2. My Girlfriend Is An Alien

This popular romantic comedy followed the story of Chai Xiaoqi, an alien from the Cape Town planet who was accidentally stranded on Earth due to a loss of signal. Later, she met  Fang Leng, a handsome CEO who would forget women on rainy days, due to a traumatic event in the past. Xiaoqi was also someone who was highly attracted to the male hormones which ends up turning her into a fangirl. Eventually, the drama portrayed their adorable and hilarious journey of dealing with the past and convincing her alien family to permanently send her back to earth, while falling in love with each other. This drama spanned 2 seasons and gained worldwide popularity.

3. Sweet Dreams

This drama revolved around Ling Qi, a kind-hearted working woman who was afraid of confessing her love to Bo Hai, her office colleague. Later, she participated in a public experiment of a dream technology company wherein they tested their sleeping patterns, however, due to sudden malfunctions in their experiment, her brainwaves are transported to Bo Hai’s dream sequences, thus giving her the ability to enter his dreams. Thi drama was a hilarious take on modern fantasy which journeyed through Ling Qi and Bo Hai finding love and battling the different incidents of life.

4. Someday Or One Day

This drama revolved around two timelines; one in 2019 and the latter in 1998, with interconnecting links between the people of both these periods. In 2019, the story depicted Huang YU Xuan,  a 27-year-old who was reminiscing about her missing/dead boyfriend on her birthday, and in 1998, the story depicted the story of three students, Chen Yun Ru, Li Zi Wei, and Mo Jun Jie. One day, Yu Xuan, received a mysterious Walkman, which mysteriously transported her to 1998, into the body of a girl named Chen Yun Ru, whose death was about to cause the death of Yu Xuan in the future, if the mysteries were not solved. This drama had a highly gripping and unique plotline, making this show binge-worthy!

5. Fairyland Lovers

This fantasy drama followed the story of Bai Qi, a spirit doctor whose identity was always undercover and his job was to treat and heal the materialistic obsessions of humans in the form of spirits. While performing his daily duties, he met Lin Xia, an aspiring actress whom he had met long ago. Later, the story coursed through the two of them entering into a cohabiting agreement where their lives intersected, and together, they helped relieve the obsessions of the different spirits. Eventually, the drama portrayed their journey of falling in love and rekindling their romance from their past lives, while helping and supporting each other.

6. The Day Of Becoming You

This drama revolved around Jiang Yi, the cold leader of a renowned boyband group, and Yu Sheng Sheng, an entertainment reporter who also shared the same birthdate with him, tried to trick him into an interview and he stood her up, thus a mutual hatred was instilled. Later, they unexpectedly got involved in a dangerous accident that suddenly switched their souls. Being, each other’s only source of help in this new change in their lives, they eventually fell in love, while battling the hilarious incidents of their interchanged lives.

7. Parallel Love

This 2020 drama revolved around Lin Miao, a 33-year-old event manager from the year 2020 who accidentally got transported to the year 2010, where she met Jiao Yang, the Vice President of a renowned company. She received a message stating that she was supposed to help Jiang Yang become the President and battle the company politics if she wished to return to her future self. However, they were complete opposites so their journey was a bickering one, that eventually developed into an adorable and romantic relationship.

8. Legally Romance

This fantasy/ romance drama followed the story of Qian Wei, a 28-year-old paralegal who worked for her old classmate, Lu Xun, who held an age-old grudge against her. Later, she suddenly got into a car accident, putting her in a coma. While in a coma, she was surprisingly transported to a new world where she was back to living her college days and reunited with the new side of her boss Lu Xun. Eventually, they rediscovered themselves, both in reality and the dream, while falling in love with each other. This drama had a beautiful mix of workplace romance, fantasy, comedy, and drama which kept the audience engaged till the end.

9. Sassy Beauty

This drama followed the story of Si Yan, a beauty blogger who accidentally got transported into a VR game that was based on ancient times and had been assigned the role of a low-level dressing maid. She continued to run her business and climbed up the ladder while engaging and learning about the different stories of people present in the game. Along the way, she also encountered many handsome men and embarked on a beautiful journey of romance and drama. This was a unique take on modern fantasy which gained the attention of audiences worldwide.

10. Love At First Taste

This drama revolved around Tong Xaioman, an acting student who was diagnosed with cancer, and Ou Ze Ye, a handsome and wealthy businessman who was bestowed with the curse of turning into a blood-sucking vampire, on every full moon day. Later, they fell in love but had to battle various mythical and practical obstacles that hindered their blooming romance. This drama had an engaging mix of romance, comedy, and mythical fantasy, making this show highly binge-worthy!