Article: Top 10 Korean Drama And Movies Of Kim Yu Jung

Kim Yoo Jung, stands out as a talent in the thriving Korean entertainment scene, enthralling audiences with her varied roles and unmistakable charisma. Yoo Jung's career trajectory in the industry has been spectacular and motivating, starting with her early days as a child actress and ending with her debut as a leading woman. Join me as we examine the top 10 details about this exceptional actress's dramatic career.

1. 20th Century Girl

The first film on the list is 20th Century Girl, which debuted last year and features Kim Yoo-Jung as Na Bo-Ra, a 17-year-old high school girl with a difficult attitude. She participates in a variety of extracurricular activities, such as broadcasting club and taekwondo. The broadcasting group also includes Woo-Hoo (Byeon Woo-Seok). Bo-Ra's best friend Yeon-Doo (Roh Yeon-Seo) has a crush on Hyun-Jin (Park Jung-Woo), who is best friends with Woo-Ho. To learn everything there is to know about Hyun-Jin while Yeon-Doo is abroad, she asked Bo-Ra for assistance. Yeon-Doo had to leave the nation for medical reasons. Bo-Ra gets close to Woo-Hoo since she and Hyun-Jin are friends to grant her best friend's wants.

2. Love In The Moonlight

The drama centers on Hong Ra-On (Kim Yoo-Jung), a woman who lives as a man under the moniker Hong Sam-Nom. She earns money by advising men on how to find love. She mistakenly crosses paths with Crown Prince Lee Young (Park Bo-Gum), who fled the palace, as a result of the mix-up. Ra-On is a woman, but neither she nor the prince are aware that they have met. Unaware of her gender, individuals she owes money to one day sell her to be a eunuch. She passes the examinations without her true identity being revealed thanks to her quick wit, and she is later appointed an official eunuch in the palace. She meets the Crown Prince again, and they finally become friends.

3. Backstreet Rookie

Kim Yoo-Jung's portrayal of Jung Saet-Byeol in this drama demonstrated her ability to play roles that are bizarre, badass, and humorous. The actress, who plays a high school miscreant, meets and instantly falls in love with Choi Dae-Hyun (Ji Chang-Wook), the dashing proprietor of a failing convenience store who chastises her for acting out. Years later, when Saet-Byeol is an adult, she decides to work part-time in Choi Dae-Hyun's shop. Saet-Byeol aids in the recovery of the company and Dae-Hyun's life.

4. The 8th Night

The 23-year-old veteran of Korean dramas is well-recognized for her historical drama and rom-com roles, but she also shows off her flexibility in thrillers like The 8th Night. Yoo-Jung portrays Ae-Ran, a young woman with a mystical aura, in this movie. She assists Detective Kim Ho-Tae (Park Hae-Joon) and the monk Cheong-Seok (Nam De-Reum) in learning the truth about an ancient evil creature that has escaped from its prison and is causing havoc around Seoul.

5. Because I Love You

In this, Kim Yoo Jung plays the role of Scully. When Lee Hyung is preparing to ask his partner to marry him, an accident occurs, leaving him in a coma. He miraculously awakens from unconsciousness, but he has no memory of his previous existence and discovers that he is in the body of another person. As he can reawaken in the bodies of other people, he begins to work on fixing the problems of the individuals he awakens in, such as repairing a relationship between a couple that is about to split or ending the teenage pregnancy of a high school couple.

6. Lovers Of The Red Sky

A young woman named Hong Chun Ki was a painter during the Joseon Dynasty, which was quite unusual in Joseon Korea, as Confucian principles prevented women from engaging in such activities. Despite being born without seeing, she develops a sense of vision. She encounters Ha Ram, an astrologer who was born seeing but lost his vision as a child. Ha Ram's fate is the complete reverse of her own. The two become embroiled in the goings-on at the royal court, particularly those involving two princes: the adventurous Prince Yang Myung and the cold-blooded, cunning Prince Joo Hyang, who is aspiring to succeed King Joseon.

7. Gumiho: Tale Of The Fox's Child

Goo San Daek, the mythical gumiho or nine-tailed fox, leaves her spouse after discovering she can no longer change her shape because of his betrayal. Yeon Yi, her nine-year-old daughter, who has not yet developed the capacity to use her gumiho powers, is taken to a hamlet by her mother to be protected. Yeon Yi's physical shift starts as she becomes ten, placing her in greater danger of being found out by her neighbors.

8. Love Cells

Ma Dae Choong is unemployed and hasn't been on a date in 9 years because his love cells and DNA have all dried up. He believes it's time to start dating again because he is sick of being single. Ma Dae Choong is taught the alphabet of love by Ne Bi. Ma Dae Choong and Seo Rin's love tale will be the focal point of the drama.

9. Angry Mom

Jo Gang-Ja has a reputation for brawling in high school. She became more responsible after giving birth to her daughter A-Ran (Kim You-Jung) in her late teens. When Ah Ran befriends Jin Yi Kyung, a class outcast at Myungsung High School, she becomes the focus of bullies who make her life miserable, but she is too proud to inform her mother what is going on. When Kang Ja learns that her daughter is bullied, she takes action. With the aid of Ah Ran and the naive, idealistic homeroom teacher Park Noh Ah, Kang Ja sets out on a mission to end the school violence, uncover the shortcomings of the educational system, and uncover school corruption at Myungsung High.

10. Elegant Lies

While working at a grocery shop, Hyun Sook, a single mother, raises her two teenage kids. One day, Cheon Ji, her youngest kid, who is 14 years old, abruptly kills himself without even leaving a note. Hyun Sook and her older daughter Man Ji are shocked by this because Cheon Ji was a kind child who never complained, worked hard in school, and was always attempting to console her overworked mother. The two women question whether there was something they were unaware of regarding Cheon Ji's life as they struggle to comprehend why Cheon Ji decided to commit suicide. As Hyun Sook and Man Ji look into Cheon Ji's peaceful life, they learn that she had been the victim of brutal bullying in her middle school, which was overseen by teacher Hwa Yeon.