Article: Top 10 Reasons Why Celebrities Commit Suicide In South Korea

South Korea is placed among the top 10 countries with the highest suicide rates. The reason for such a devastating higher number of suicides is the external pressure and fake beauty standards. Celebrities have to go through a lot in South Korea. Even before they get to fly with their wings they are faced with many challenges and find it hard to escape the clutches of Netizens. There are instances when celebrities committed suicide because of cyberbullying and cancel culture. The reason can vary depending on what a person suffered but it can’t be denied that South Korea isn’t a safe country to live a settled life. Read the article to learn about the top 10 reasons why Celebrities commit suicide in South Korea.

1. Beauty Standards

South Korea has such unrealistic beauty standards that many celebrities have to undergo several plastic surgeries to match those standards. Plastic surgery is widely and cheaply done in South Korea. Many people are obsessed with fixing their upper or lower eyelids or getting a nose job. The unrealistic standards many times make celebrities insecure about their looks.

2. External Pressure

South Korean citizens take an active interest in the personal life of celebrities. There are many instances where they had broken the boundary. When Sulli used to post photos on her Instagram, some jealous users used to comment with heinous and severe statements. They keep accusing her that she’s posting sexual content to gain attention. As a result of cyberbullying, Sulli, unfortunately, committed suicide.

3. Cyber Bullying

When people have Freedom of Speech and Expression, they may misuse it for the wrong g purposes. There are many instances where people are seen engaged in spreading fake news and hatred about celebrities. Whenever someone is at the glory of their career or made a breakthrough, victims start coming out and put false accusations about the celebrities.

4. Misuse Of Power

Every celebrity is backed by an Agency in South Korea. Those agency act as their manager and PR. They have absolute control over the life of actors and actresses. They bring them projects and they have to act accordingly. However, many agencies have been draining the actors for their good and aren’t even providing them with proper accommodation and projects.

5. Expensive Living

The living is comparatively higher in South Korea. People have to pay bucks for small accommodations. Even the lifestyle isn’t great as they showcase in dramas. People with low income have to live in the semi-basement where the odor is poor and have to live with two or four people.

6. Social Status

People do suffer from the hierarchy in South Korea. There is a line drawn between have-nots and have. Wealthy people are treated with love and respect in South Korea while poor people with low income are treated indifferently. The people living in South Korea and even students have to work at convenience stores to meet both ends.

7. Society Pleasing

There is a tradition in South Korea similar to other Asian countries. They need to please society before they please their internal mind. They like to showcase anything wealthy to the outer people. They want to be recognized and accepted by the standards of society. For meeting the standard of society, they can go to any extent.

8. Bullying

Many celebrities have gone through a series of bullying by their classmates when they start to get fame. Park Bo Young mentioned once in an interview how she used to get bullied for getting to act in films and dramas. Similar to Park Bo Young, many other celebrities have to go through such heinous crimes.

9. Discrimination

South Korea is a highly discriminated place and many celebrities have faced that atrocities. They were bullied and tortured for getting fame and even now in South Korean entertainment celebrities with contrasting backgrounds are treated differently. People with wealthy backgrounds get treated with more respect and love.

10. Racism South

Koreans have some beauty standards where people with fair complexion meet those requirements. Those with a bit of black complexion are almost treated as outcasts. Foreign celebrities have to make their place in society and many gets constantly bullied for their appearances. Celebrities are compelled to apply thick layers of makeup to look as white as possible. Even their photos are white- washed.