Article: Top Ten Korean Actors Famous For Comedy

The goal of humorous films is to entertain the audience. Here are some Korean performers who have made a name for themselves in comedy.

1. Ken Jeong

His excellent performance in the comedy Knocked Up, The Hangover film trilogy, critically acclaimed sitcom Community, Crazy Rich Asians, and a new Netflix stand-up special made him famous.


2. Yoo Jae-Suk 

Yoo Jae-Suk, a South Korean comedian, is well-known for his involvement with FNC Entertainment. He has presented a variety of series, including Infinite Challenge and Running Man. He's also a member of the K-pop supergroup, SSAK3.


3. Go Kyung-Pyo 

Go Kyung-Pyo is a South Korean actor best known for his role as Sun-woo in the hit television series Reply 1988. Go Kyung-Pyo is also well-known for his work as a comedian. He is famous for the sketch comedy and variety TV show Saturday Night Live Korea. From 2018 until 2020, he also served in the military.


4. Sung Dong-Il

Sung Dong-il, a South Korean actor, is mainly known for his performance in the TV drama series. He is a talented actor who can easily portray funny, serious, and evil characters.


5. Lee Soo-Geun

Lee Soo-Geun has received several significant honors, including the KBS Entertainment Awards, the Baeksang Arts Award, and the Korea Popular Culture and Arts Award.


6. Jo Jung Suk

He has been in several Korean films and dramas, certain games with comedic features full of fun.


7. Kang Ha Neul

As a fan of Korean dramas, you're probably familiar with Kang Ha Neul, one of the country's most outstanding performers. His remarkable acting abilities and lovely naïve faces grabbed the audience's attention.


8. Kim Jung Hyun

It's impossible to overlook Kim Jung Hyun's acting ability. He possesses traits that allow him to play a variety of personalities.


9. Lee Yi Kyung 

To play several roles in Korean films and dramas, most performers must create a lasting impression, which appears to be what Lee Yi Kyung is going through. Lee Yi Kyung's appearance in the drama Welcome to Waikiki Seasons 1 and 2 (2018-2019) created a good impression on the audience, thanks to his amusing and charming behavior. As a result, he earned the moniker "comic drama expert actor."


10. Lee Kwang Soo

When it comes to a South Korean actor famed for his comic persona, who can forget the name Lee Kwangsoo? He is well-known for his sense of humor and his performance in Running Man (2010-2021).