Article: Top 10 Movies Based On Thai Myths And Legends

Thai culture is a rich hotpot of several intricate customs that are very interesting to learn about. Thai folklore, mythical beings, and legends make up a majority of it and children learn of them growing up just like we grow up with our fairy tales narrated to us by our grandparents. But as western influence continues to increase, lesser and lesser people remember these, and of these people, some decide to immortalize the folklore by making movies and other creative endeavors to etch them into memories, and we have a few of these listed in the Top 10 Movies Based On Thai Myths And Legends.

1. Inhuman Kiss

Inhuman Kiss is a film based on the Thai mythical creature called a Krasue. A Krasue is a female spirit that is a floating heat attached to a bundle of nerves that comes out at night to feed on flesh. Inhuman Kiss follows Sai, a young girl who turns into a Krasue every night and terrorizes her village.


2. Nang Nak

Nang Nak is a film based on an old wives' tale called Mae Nak Phra Khanong. This folktale is about a pregnant woman who dies in wait of her husband who went out to war, and whose spirit stays in wait of him when he finally comes back, but he does not suspect that she is actually dead.


3. The Legend Of King Naresuan

King Naresuan is a big film series that tells the tale of legendary Thai ruler King Naresuan the Great and his entire life, from his childhood to the conquests he pursued to his reign as King of Thailand. The movie series has stayed true to historical details and is a definite must-watch for history fans.

The Legend Of King Naresuan


4. The Legend Of Suriyothai

The Legend of Suriyothai captures the climax of one of the most glorious moments in Thai history, the battle against the Burmese armada. During the reign of King Maha Chakkraphat, his wife, beloved of the masses, Queen Suriyothai lays down her life shielding her subjects in a spectacular display of patriotism.

The Legend Of Suriyothai


5. The Scar

The Scar is based on a Thai folktale that seems similar to Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Two heirs of rival village heads fall in love with each other, which is opposed by their families. The girl is sent away by her father but returns and meets him in secret, but her father shoots him and she stabs herself to be with her lover.


6. Siam Square

Siam Square is a film based on the Thai myth that the only way to do good in your exams is by paying tribute to the devil. To do so students have to tie a red string to a chair. A group of students decide to document this and end up being hunted by the spirit one by one.


7. Mekhong Full Moon Party

Mekhong Full Moon Party is a movie based on the phenomenon of fireballs shooting into the sky every full moon in October by the banks of River Mekhong. Local legend says it is due to Phaya nak, a snake spirit residing there, but till today there is no explanation as to this mysterious event.

Mekhong Full Moon Party


8. Edge Of the Empire

Edge of the Empire is based off the historical events that took place in a village named Tai, where Great Han overlords wreaked havoc and mistreated them terribly. Fed up by this, the tribe led by a hero decides to fight their oppressors and ends up going against the Chinese Imperial Army.

Edge Of the Empire


9. Kraithong

Kraithong is based on a Thai folktale about a crocodile spirit Chalawan who kidnapped young women to make them his wives. One day he decides to kidnap two daughters of a rich trader but gets only one of them successfully. The trader sends a crocodile hunter or Kraithong to kill him and fetch his daughter back.



10. Legend Of Sudsakorn

Legend of Sudsakorn is a film based on an epic poem Phra Aphai Mani written by Sunthorn Phu. This film mostly focuses on the part about Prince Sudsakorn, who is a half mermaid, and his adventures and conquests against various foes. Sudsakorn is played by actor Charlie Trairat.