Article: Top 10 Movies Which Are Based On Thai Myths And Legends

Thai culture has many rich hotpots of various customs that are followed by the Thai people and are very interesting to know and learn. Thai folk tales, mythical beings, and legends are mostly what Thai children in Thailand grow up listening to. The western influence has continued to increase daily, and fewer people still remember this. For this, some people decided to make movies so that people would still remember this folklore. The top 10 films which are based on Thai myths and legends are.

1. Nang Nak

Nang Nak is a Thai supernatural horror film released in 1999 based on the Thai old wives tale, called Mae Nak Phra Khanong. The story is about a pregnant woman who died while waiting for her husband, who was at war. Her spirit stays waiting for him, and when he finally comes back, he doesn’t suspect that she is dead. In Bangkok, there is also a famous shrine dedicated to her.

2. Inhuman Kiss

Inhuman Kiss is a Thai supernatural horror film released in 2019 based on the mythical Thai creature called Krasue which is a female spirit with a floating head attached to a bundle of nerves that comes out only at night to feed on human flesh. The film is the story of Sai, a young girl who turns into Krasue every night and terrorizes her villagers.


3. The Legend Of King Naresuan

The legend of King Naresuan is a Thai historical action film series. The film tells the legendary Thai ruler King Naresuan and his entire life, from his childhood to the conquests he pursued during his reign as King of Thailand. The movie stayed true to the historical details and is a must-watch for history fans.


4. The Scar

The Scar movie is based on a Thai folktale quite similar to the story of Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare. Kwan and Risk, are the two heirs of rival village heads who fall in love making it impossible for them to declare their love. Riam is sent away by her father, but she returns and meets Kwan in secret. Ultimately, her father shoots Kwan and Riam stabs herself to be with her lover.


5. The Legend Of Suriyothai

The Legend of Suriyothai is a Thai film released in 2001. The film portrays the life of Queen Suriyothai, regarded as a great feminist by the Thai people. It shows the climax when she lays down her life against the Burmese army by sacrificing herself to save the kingdom and the life of her King Maha Chakkraphat. The film was Thailand's most expensive film.


6. Siam Square

Siam Square is a Thai film based on the myth that one can only do good in their exams by paying tribute to the devil, and for this students, have to tie a red string to a chair. The story is about a group of high school students who try to see if the existence of the urban legend is actual. It ends up backfiring on them, and now they are being hunted by the spirit.


7. Edge Of The Empire

Edge of the Empire is a historical Thai film released in 2010. The story was set in a village named Tai, ruled by the Great Han then. The Tai people were oppressed, and mistreated by the Han overlords, and getting fed up with this; they got together to fight for freedom.


8. Mekhong Full Moon Party

Mekhong Full Moon Party is a Thai film released in 2002. The film is about the Naga fireballs, seen in the full moon sky in October near the River Mekong. The legend believed by the locals is that this happens due to Phaya Nak, which is a snake spirit that resides there.


9. Krai Thong

Krai Thong is a Thai folktale that originated in Phichit Province. The story is of a fierce monster Chalawan who has the power to turn into a human being. In human form, he goes to town, where he gets captivated by the daughter of a wealthy Phichit man and kidnaps her. Her father, who is worried sick, announces that anyone who will get his daughter back will get a lot of money, and his daughter as a prize. Krai Thong knew he could do this and took up the task of finding her.

10. Legend Of Sudsakorn

Legend of Sudsakorn is a Thai fantasy film released in 2006. The story was actually based on the epic poem Phra Aphai Mani by Sunthorn Phu. The film focuses on young male lead Prince Sudsakorn, a half mermaid and it follows his adventure and conquests against various foes.