Article: Top 10 Chinese Child Actor Who Impressed All Types Of Audience

The Chinese entertainment industry already looks excellent also the future looks much better too! Adults and senior actors are already entertaining us through their extraordinary acting skills. Nowadays, young child actors also compete with them with their cute acting skills. Acting at a very young age and doing sweet expressions which make audiences adore them for their pretty squishy faces, soft voices, and cuteness, they all are called “CHILD PRODIGIES.” Here I am going to make you know about the top 10 Chinese child actors who impressed all types of audiences. Here we go!!

1. Xiaobao

Starting with the cute child actor xiaobao (Sun Xicheng), this 6-year-old kiddo is probably the most recognizable in the c-drama industry because of his adorable role in the drama “UNFORGETTABLE LOVE.” He played the son role named "He Wei Fei" by his cute expressions and his acting attracted all types of audiences, which made the drama a huge hit and the number of watchers also increased. He also acted in the drama “You are my closet since I met you.”


2. Ha Ni

At the age of 8, this kid got endearing acting skills. He aced the role he played in some of his dramas: “Moonlight and court lady,” “Twisted fate of love,” “Begin again,” “The blooms at ruyi pavilion,” and “Will find you better home.”


3. Han Haolin

He is known as “Jimintwin” because he lookalike the BTS Vocal king 'Jimin' and both of them share the same facial similarities. He is not only famous for this but he is also known as the ace in acting because he has already done a dozen of movies and dramas, “Everybody in the house,” “Sword snow stride,” “The psychologist,”  “Be with you.” He has also done several movies “My forefathers,” “My people my homeland,” and “Cliff walkers.”


4. Xu Wai Lao

He is also known as Luo Luo. He not only acted in dramas, but he also worked as a graphic model. He is well known for his role as ‘Young li tong’ in the drama “Glory of Tang dynasty 2”. Since then, he has been playing so many childhood lead roles in many TV series, “Who rules the world”, “The lady in butcher’s house”, and “The Untamed.”


5. Kenny Zhang

He is also known as ‘Zhang Zime ‘and ‘Jeung Ji mak’. He started his career as a child actor in the 2017 TV show “Cute Boy Cute House,” produced by Mango TV. In 2018, he participated in the children's education program “Take me Away.” Dramas he acted are “Oh! My daddy in both seasons 1 and 2.”


6. Cong Shang

She is also known as Xiao Cong Hua. She made her debut in the drama “Go ahead.” Some of her dramas are: “To be Heroes crush,” “He! Ni Das hi Hen Miao,” and “The day of becoming you.”


7. Zhang Wan Er

This cutie is now 12 years old and was born in Beijing; more than an actress, she is also a singer. She starred in many dramas: “BoyHood 2,” “Age of legends,” and “Sweet combat.” She also acted in movies they are “Foxhunting,” “SuperiorMechs,” and “The Golden Monk.”


8. Pei Jiaxin

Pei Jiaxin is known for her aspiring acting in dramas. She starred in the drama “I Will Never Let You Go” in 2019 and “Bu Lao Qi Shi” in 2021.


9. Wang Ting Wen

 She is now 13 years old .she made her debut in the drama “Because of meeting you” in 2016. Then she started to act in many dramas they are, ''Including Hero's dream”, “Star April,” “Die now,” and “Time seems to have forgotten.”


10. Zhang Yaoyang

This cutie boy is a famous Chinese child model who stole everyone's heart with his cute ramp walk. During the show, he collided with a pair of models who walked down the wrong side of the runaway he, matched the mistake like a pro, and that video got 1 million likes in two days.