Article: Top 10 Chinese Actors Who Have Got Inherited Acting Skills

Children of celebrities enjoy a silver spoon upbringing but are subject to constant media attention from the time they are born - and always live in their famous parents' shadows. To make people recognize them for who they are, rather than their parents are, they have to work extra hard. Despite their celebrity childhoods, these Chinese stars have built successful show business careers and even outperformed their parents. Here we have 10 Chinese celebrities who left their famous parent's shadow to create a career of their own.

1. Mason Lee

Mason Lee, born on May 30, 1990, is a Taiwanese-American actor. He is the son of Ang Lee, a three-time Academy Award winner. He is well-known for his role in The Hangover Part and debuted as a baby in the movie The Wedding Banquet in 1993. He was nominated twice for Golden Bell Awards for the Best Supporting Actor.


2. Arthur Chen Feiyu

Arthur Chen Feiyu, born in 2000, is the son of Chinese film director Chen Kaige and actress Chen Hong and studied at the Beijing Film Academy. He played the main lead in the 2018 drama series Ever Night. Feiyu has also appeared in movies directed by his father, such as My People, My Country (2019).


3. Ouyang Nana

Ouyang Nana is the second daughter of Taiwanese actor, singer, and politician Ouyang Long and actress Fu Chuen. Ouyang Nana won a full scholarship at the prestigious Curtis Institute of Music as she was a music prodigy. In 2015, she dropped out to pursue a career in the show and act business. She was nominated at Macau International Movie Festival for the Best Supporting Actress for the movie To The Fore. In 2020, she also branched out singing and released her first album, Nana I.


4. Leah Dou

Leah Dou, 24, is the daughter of Chinese musician Dou Wei and Hong Kong singer Faye Wong. She began her career in music before moving into acting. Her track, (It's not a crime) It's just what we do, was nominated for the 53rd Golden Horse Awards for the best original score - (It's not a crime) It's just what we do. Dou won the Best Supporting Actress award for the movie The Eleventh Chapter (2019) at Beijing International Film Festival.


5. Alex Lam

Alex Lam is a Chinese-American singer and actor, born in 1985. His parents are famous singers, George Lam and Salley Yeh. He inherited his musical talent from his singer parents, yet he did not let that privilege get to his head. He tried exploring other fields, including yoga and fashion. In 2012, Alex released his solo album, whose singles made the Top 10 Charts in Hong Kong. He acted in some films, including an erotic drama Lan Kwai 3 (2014). He even appeared in many commercials for brands like Canon and Philips.


6. Andrew Chau

Andrew Chau, born in 1990, is a Chinese-American actor and writer. He is known for The Vestiges (2016), Fresh Collector, and Welcome to the Happy Days (2015). His father is a famous Taiwanese singer, Wakin Chau. He debuted in 2015 with the film Welcome to the Happy Days as a foreign backpacker speaking Mandarin.


7. Wesley Wong

Wesley Wong, born on January 7, 1987, is a Chinese, Hong Kong-based actor, and singer. His parents are former actor and actress- Melvin Wong and Angie Chiu. In China, Wesley Wong has often referred "The Most Handsome generation star." He acted in the movies like Ah Boys To Men 3:Frogmen (2015), Falling in Love (2017), Sorry I Love You (2013), Iron Ladies, and so on.


8. Zhang Mo

Zhang Mo is a Chinese actor born in 1982. He is the son of famous actor and director Zhang Guoli and actress Luo Xiuchun. His stepmother is also an actress, Deng Jie. Zhang has won many awards, including the Best Actor Award at the Golden TVS Annual Awards. He acted in many tv series, such as Marriageable Age, Winter is Not Cold, and New Legend of Ji Gong. His first leading role was in the film Let the Bullets Fly (2010), and he even won the Best New Actor Award and New Performer Award at the Golden Phoenix Award.


9. Guan Xiaotong

Guan Xiaotong, 23, made her first television appearance in the crime drama Yan Hai Chen Fu (2004) when she was only four years. She is the daughter of Chinese actor Guan Shaozeng and actress Li Jun. Her role in The Promise, a 2005 epic fantasy movie directed by Chen Kaige and starring Cecilia Cheung Pak-chi, was her first role. Her breakthrough role was as a devoted daughter in the 2014 tv series A Servant of Two Masters. Her portrayal of an acid-tongued with a kind heart in the drama series Twenty Your Life On (2020) earned praise.


10. Derek Tsang

Derek Tsang Kwok-Cheung, born in 1979, is a Chinese actor and Film director. He graduated from the University of Toronto Scarborough in 2001. Derek Tsang is the son Eric Tsang. He lived an ordinary, middle-class life because his father moved out to live on his own to keep his personal life separate from the Entertainment circle. Derek made his acting debut in 2003 in Men Suddenly in Black and debuted his directing with Lover's Discourse in 2010. In 2010, he got nominated for the Best New Director with his duo, Jimmy Wan Chi-man.