Article:  Top 10 Romantic Chinese Songs (Love Is in The Air)

Love songs are an essential part of Chinese music. C-pop, or famous Chinese music, is harmony made by artists in the Greater China province, including the continent China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. Three main subgenres of C-pop are Cantopop, Mandopop, and Hokkien pop.

1. Kangding Love Song

Kangding Love is folk music from the Kangding place (known as the home of love songs), Sichuan region. The song was a significant hit decades ago and can still be regularly played on the radio and sung in karaoke bars today. Its simple theme and catchy rhythm are straightforward to follow. The lyrics express timeless music – love.

2. Choice

Choice (or Xuan Ze) was love music sung by Sally Yeh & George Lam. The lyrics decode the hero's and heroine's dynamic intention: "I picked you, you selected me, and this is our favorite," since we include selected others, "I'll adore you until the seas head arid and the stones crumble.

3. Another Heaven

The Chinese-American musician/composer's "Wei Yi (Only One)" is an iconic piece of music created for multiple marriage festivals. And, of course, he's earned a surplus of love songs beneath his belt, but we adore this duet with Chinese musician Jane Zhang, which expresses discovering paradise in a particular individual.

4. Love Confession

Love confession is one of the themes from the king of mandopop, Jay Chou, in his most delinquent album, Jay Chou's Bedtime Stories. This music fast evolved widely, not extended after release. Jay Chou is also a vocalist, songwriter, narrative producer, rapper, performer, and television personality. Popular albums are Greatest Works of Art, Jay, 2007, and the World Tours.

5. Perfect Match

This music's Chinese title refers to soy milk and youtiao (fried dough sticks), usually fitted together for breakfast. Lin, who adored feasting on these breakfast items, was encouraged to compose a song one day while having breakfast, thinking that these two dishes could be utilized to portray two enthusiasts who could not live without separately different. The music was composed by JJ line in 2004.

6. Growing Fond Of You

Growing Fond of You is a song by Karen Mok, released in 2018. The producer, Arai Soichiro, has played on her album Departures (2014). Recognizing Li's unique talent, when Li held the Hong Kong leg of An Ideal World Tour at the Hong Kong Coliseum. Karen Mok is a Hong Kong pop queen who is one of the foremost Asian pop vocalists and actresses with a profession spanning three decades.

7. Beautiful Love

BEAUTIFUL LOVE is a song by Tanya Chua, released on 2006-06-02. It stands for route numeral 1 in the album T-TIME. It delivers increased power and is relatively danceable with a time signature of 4 beats per bar. Tanya Chua debuted her singing profession by casting her debut studio album, Bored, in 1997. She also won Golden Melody Award.

8. Qing Fei De Yi

The music is written by Tang Xiao, who transferred to Taipei in 1999 to follow his melodic dreams. His profession was accepted when Harlem Yu was selected to record "Qing Fei De Yi" in 2001. In 2018, musical and instrumental performances of the song were utilized in the remake of Meteor Garden. Blake Abbie, who represented Thomas, sang it in an episode.

9. Intimate Lovers

Intimate Lovers, also known as Zhi Xin Ai Ren, is a well-known duet song with an excellent tune. The music sung by a couple of musicians – Ren Jing and Fu Disheng. The theme has consistently been among the numerous requested duets in KTV rooms. This stood from the fourth album of the "Transformation" sequel (Endless Love) in 2003.

10. The Moon Represents My Heart

The Moon Symbolizes My Soul is one of China's numerous well-known love songs. This song is often sung in various shows and KTV parlors. The 42-year-old Taiwanese musician had stood on vacation in Chiang Mai, when she complained of feeling unwell. It was later established that she had passed off "an acute asthma attack which led to heart failure."