Article: Top 10 Chinese Movies With Younger Heroes And Older Heroines

Some say the younger guy and old women pair seems very attractive. It can be said that older women are more mature, and many young men find this attribute of elder women attractive. There are numerous couples with such age differences. Showbiz is no different, in the entertainment industry younger men and older women are paired opposite each other, and viewers surely love the pairs. Sometimes, the age difference cannot even be felt unless researched. Let's take a look at the Chinese movies which have cast younger heroes and older heroines.

1. So I Married An Anti-Fan

This movie is a rom-com genre. The film casts Park Chanyeol and Yuan Shanshan in the lead roles. Here, the heroine is older than the male lead. Park Chanyeol was born in 1992 whereas Yuan Shanshan was born in 1987. So, there is a difference of 5 years in their age.


2. Never Gone

Never Gone, also called So Young 2: Never Gone, is a Chinese romantic movie. The film got released in 2016. In this movie, the lead couple has an age difference, although not a big age gap. The heroine of the film is older than the hero of this film. Kris Wu, the male lead, was born in 1990 whereas the female lead, Liu Yifei was born in 1987.


3. Once Upon A Time

The Chinese romantic fantasy film, Once Upon a Time, was released in 2017, starring Liu Yifei and Yang Yang as the on-screen couple. Yang Yang, the male lead, is younger than the female lead Liu Yifei. Yang Yang was born in 1991, and Liu Yifei was born in 1987.


4. Better Days 

Better Days is another film that casts a younger hero and an older heroine. The male lead, Jackson Yee is younger than the female lead, Zhou Dongyu by eight years. Jackson was born in 2000 whereas Zhou was born in 1992. However, the 8 years age gap doesn't hinder their chemistry.


5. Meet Miss Anxiety 

Meet Miss Anxiety is a Chinese romantic comedy movie. Zhou Xun and Tong Dawei star as the lead couple in the romantic comedy film. Zhou Xun was born in 1974 and Tong Dawei was born in 1979. Meet Miss Anxiety was released in 2014.


6. Love The Way You Are 

Love the Way You Are is a romantic comedy film, it was released in 2019. It is a teen drama film. The a ctor of the film Song Weilong was born in 1999 and the actress, Vivian Sung, was born in 1992. Although there is a 7 years age gap between the two actors, the couple portrayed their characters very well.


7. A Beautiful Life

This romantic film was released in 2011. Shu Qi and Liu Ye play the on-screen couple in this movie. Shu Qi is older than Liu Ye. The actress was born in 1976 and Liu Ye was born in 1978. Although the age gap between the two is quite small, even so, the heroine is elder to the hero.


8. Shanghai Fortress

Though in this movie, the lead heroine and hero are not a couple in the film, even then there is a huge age gap between the two leads. Shu Qi and Lu Han are the lead actors in this film. Shu Qi was born in 1978 and Lu Han was born in 1990.


9. The Witness

Another film on this list stars Lu Han in the lead. Here, opposite Lu Han, the female actress is Yang Mi. Lu Han is younger to Yang Mi by 4 years. The suspense crime movie, The Witness, was released in 2015. The Witness is a remake of a South Korean movie.


10. But Always

The last movie on this list is But Always. This movie was released in 2014. Gao Yuanyuan plays the l ead actress, and Nicholas Tse plays the lead actor. There is not much age difference between the two. Gao Yuanyuan is only a year elder to Nicholas Tse.