Article: Top Ten Korean Action Movies Ever

Many of us enjoy watching the action genre. The action genre has always found a bigger audience across the world. This craze for the action genre is not limiting it is rising with the passing time. Hollywood especially is known for producing some really good action movies, and now even the other entertainment industry is catching up on this. The Korean entertainment industry has its fair share of Movies in the action genre. In this article, we have listed about ten of the most popular South Korean films ever made.

1. The Man From Nowhere

The Man From Nowhere is quite a cult South Korean film of the action genre. The film stars Won Bin in the lead role. The storyline revolves around Tae Shik (Won Bin) who goes on a rescue mission to save his only friend who is a child and her mother from a criminal gang, as the child's mother steals drugs that belonged to the gang.


2. The Witch Part 1 The Subversion

The Witch Part 1 The Subversion is a horror-action mystery film that was released in 2018. The film stars Kim Da-mi, Choi Woo-sik, Jo Min-su, and Park Hee-soon. This film is a treat for the action-mystery fans as the storyline involves medical experiments.


3. Veteran

Veteran is a South Korean film of the crime and action genre. The film got released in 2015. It stars Yoo Ah-in and Hwang Jung-min in the lead roles. This film will be loved by audiences who prefer action with a bit of comedy in it. The storyline involves a detective(Hwang Jung-min) chasing a wealthy heir, who somehow escapes every time owing to his wealth.


4. Train To Busan

Even non-Korean fans would have heard or watched this zombie action thriller film. This film has further spread the Korean wave across the globe. The thriller fan within you would enjoy this Zombie flick, which has an equal amount of action in it. The film stars Gong Yoo, Yeon Sang Ho, Don Lee, etc.


5. I Saw The Devil

The South Korean film, I Saw the Devil falls under the thriller action genre. This is undoubtedly one of the best action movies produced in the South Korean entertainment industry. The storyline revolves around revenge. The film stars, Lee Byung Hun, Choi Min-sik in the lead roles.


6. The Outlaws

The Outlaws is another crime-action South Korean film that got released in 2017. The film stars Don Lee,  Yoon Kye-sang in the lead role. The story of the film is based on a real-life incident, the plot follows the detective(Don Lee) hunting down a criminal organization. This film will surely satisfy your hunger for action.


7. Extreme Job

Extreme Job is one of the most successful South Korean films at the box office. The film got released in 2019 and stars Ryu Seung-ryong, Lee Hanee, Jin Seon-kyu, Lee Dong-hwi, etc. The film can be categorised into the action-comedy genre.


8. Oldboy

When talking about the action genre, it would be unfair to include the cult action film Oldboy on the list! Oldboy is a South Korean film that has a cult following among the action genre lover. This film is not for the weak-hearted ones, as it includes some of the most brutal violent sequences.


9. New World

New World is a melodrama thriller action film, it is the first trilogy film. The film stars Lee Jung-jae, Choi Min-sik, Hwang Jung-min, Song Ji-hyo, etc. The story revolves around undercover police working in a crime syndicate.


10. 71: Into The Fire

71: Into the Fire can be categorized in the war drama action genre. The film is based on the true historical event of South Korea that took place in 1950, when 71 students soldiers were to safeguard P'ohang from the North Korean troops, during the Korean War.