Article: Top 10 Korean Celebrities who revolutionized the Korean Entertainment Industry

K-Pop, or the Korean culture as a whole, has become a global phenomenon, as people around the world are connecting to it.

The Korean industry we see now was always not been the same; it has its flaws and constraints. Here are the top 10 celebrities who helped in revolutionize the Korean entertainment industry.

1. Hwasa

Ahn Hyejin, popularly known as Hwasa, is a K-pop debuted as a singer and rapper as a member of Mamamoo (girl group). She is known for her bold outfit choices, curvy body, and tanned skin. Hwasa was not considered beautiful based on Korean beauty standards, as she faced significant backlash from the industry and viewers for her visuals. Hwasa has broken the toxic beauty traits and stereotypes. She did not bother about these standards and created her own. She is known for her body positivity approach and is seen appreciating and complementing other celebrities for their bold and different looks. Our Queen knows how to slay every time.

2. RM

Kim Namjoon (RM) is a songwriter-rapper and the leader of one of the most popular boy band, BTS. Have beautiful visuals and tanned skin, but RM is not considered beautiful as per the Korean beauty standards. RM having a tanned complexion was deemed ugly by trollers. But now, he has defied those toxic traits and has a standout in public with his fantastic personality and beautiful looks.

3. Seo Taiji

Seo Taiji is a legend of K-Pop, also known as the cultural president of Korean music. Seo Taiji and Boys changed the layout of the Korean music industry and paved the paths for modern K-pop music. The Trio created this new genre by mixing hip-hop with Korean music; they incorporated pop dance elements, breakdance, etc, as part of their performances. They bought up the idea of becoming an idol by combining fashion, dance, and music.

4. Jessi

Jessica, also known as Jessi, is a South Korean-American singer and rapper. Jessi is a beautiful, tanned lady with thick curves; she is often known for her bold looks. Jessi does not fit in Korean beauty standards, as she was criticized during the early years after her debut for her visuals and was called ugly. She has been under cosmetic surgery and has talked about it openly. Her fans always cherished her nature of being unapologetic and expressive. This appeal to life of Jessi has brought a change in the industry where people have started appreciating the uniqueness of the individual.

5. Jaejoong

Kim Jae-joong, popularly known as Jaejoong, is a singer, songwriter, director, actor, and member of the boy band, JYJ and an ex-member of the TVXQ band. Jaejoong was the first K-pop artist who wore a crop top in his 2004 performance. After the performance, Jaejoong was being seen wearing crop tops throughout his career. It became a famous male fashion statement, which was styled by many celebrities in the industry.

6. Chae Yeon

Jung Chae-Yeon is a singer, actress, and a member of DIA (girl group).In the year of 2016, Chaeyeon during the end of her performance looked into the camera and smiled beautifully, which is also called ending fairy. Fans were crazy for this ending fairy by Chae-Yeon that it became an iconic moment of that year, due to which ending fairy became more prominent in various performances.

7. Exo Kai

Kim Joong-In, popularly known by his stage name Kai, is a singer, dancer, model, and actor and is a member of EXO (boy band). Kai is known for his excellent dancing skills and great vocals, but he was trolled often for his looks. Kai has a tanner skin tone as compared to other members of the group, due to which trollers often call him ugly. It does not affect him as he achieved greater heights in his career, and is loved by his fans. Kai is also collaborating with Fenty-beauty, which is popularly known for its representation of the diversity of skin tones and is a perfect match.

8. Jay Park      

Park Jae-beom, commonly known as Jay Park, is a Korean-American rapper, entrepreneur, songwriter, dancer, producer, and the leader of the boy band 2PM.  Apart from his outstanding music and stunning appearance, Jay Park is well-known for his tattoos. As tattoos are considered taboo in Korea, tattoos are usually not allowed in the entertainment industry. Park made an appearance on a doco-series by SBS called Needles and Pins, where he shared his journey of tattoos and all the criticism he faced; throughout the show, he explored the culture of tattooing. Parks initiatives have somewhere helped in the development of the tattoo culture in the industry.

9. Hyuna And Dawn

Kim Hyun-ah is a singer, rapper, songwriter, model, and former member of the girl group Wonder girls. Kim Hyo-jong, popularly known as E-Dawn, is a singer, rapper, songwriter, and former member of the Pentagon (boy band). Hyuna and Dawn are known for their relationship publicly. It is very challenging for idols to date in an industry where dating is nearly taboo. Hyuna and Dawn were not that open initially; as their company got to know about their dating life, they had to terminate their contracts with these idols. Even after going through a lot, this beautiful couple stayed together and more robust, and now they are ruling over the industry with their notable hits. They have set back an example, as the industry is slowly opening up about celebrity dating and accepting it.

10. PSY           

Park Jae-sang, better known as PSY, is a singer, songwriter, rapper, and record producer. He is best known for his single release, Gangnam Style, which revolutionized the whole Korean music industry after receiving tremendous love and attention. He paved the path for K-Pop music on a global scale.