Article: Top 10 Reasons Why Business Proposal Is Overrated

Business Proposal is undoubtedly the most famous and watched drama of 2022. But many regular viewers found it to be overrated and overhyped. When the dramas fail to introduce anything new and keep repeating the same stereotypical clichés, it eventually becomes monotonous. That’s what happened to Business Proposal. Despite star-studded casts, it remained overrated for many avid K- drama fans. The drama is known for its excellent comical elements and hilarious characters, but still, it failed to make any significant impact on a vast audience. Some even criticized that the drama didn’t execute the webtoon’s plot accurately. The top 10 reasons why Business Proposal is overrated.

1. Familiar Plot

The drama Business Proposal uses the same old story where the male and female lead decides to get into a relationship for each other’s benefit. Kang Tae Moo, on finding out Hari’s truth, asks her to lie to his grandpa. He gets into a contract with her, for which she will act and get money in return. And Kang Tae Moo will be able to avoid his grandpa’s nagging.

2. Rich CEO Vibes

Everyone likes a handsome, wealthy, brilliant CEO, and that’s what Kang Tae Moo stands for. He is known for being a Harvard graduate but ends up working in his grandfather’s company. He is known for his strict discipline within the company but cancels meetings whenever required. He had no sense of duty.

3. Same Jealous Females

The drama emphasizes how Hari’s friends are always jealous of her. They don’t see the competent Hari but look out for her love life. They think that if she her life has no meaning if she don’t have a boyfriend. Such a plot in the drama shows that girls aren’t happy for their friends, conveying the sexist remarks.

4. Trauma

K-dramas are incomplete without showcasing the lead’s childhood trauma. Kang Tae Moo has had a phobia of rain since his parent’s demise when it was raining. He traveled to many places in the car, but then he wasn’t frightened of driving. He isn’t scared of the mode of transport through which he lost his parents but of the weather conditions.

5. Jobless CEO

The drama depicts how Kang Tae Moo has a lot of time on his hands despite being the company’s CEO. He takes his girl on dates, be it theatre or restaurant. He spends a fortune booking a cinema only for the two of them. He also takes her on a beach date despite his busy schedule.

6. Shopping

The typical clichés in a K-drama are to show off your black card. Any ambitious, self-competent female lead would not go shopping with her CEO. But Kang Tae Moo compelled Hari to the most extravagant shopping mall, where he picked the only piece left in Korea. Again the same old story where the poor female lead suddenly looks beautiful in an expensive dress.

7. Love Life

The drama focuses solely on the love side of the leads. The drama emphasizes that if people don’t have someone to love, they are practically useless. The drama puts aside all the other aspects of life aside, like career and family. It showcases how you can marry a wealthy CEO even if you are an employee.

8. Amusement Park Date

If you are an avid viewer of office dramas and have watched What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, then you will know how these dates are expected. The two grown-ups find the amusement park as the perfect date spot. They are enjoying horse rides and other rides which are designed for the kids. It also shows how CEO rents an entire amusement park for you.

9. The Drunken Charm

Whenever female leads get drunk in drama, they start acting cute. Instead of vomiting and nausea, Hari and her friend Yeong Seo starts acting cute. They even confess their fears, and Yeong Seo confesses her feelings to her crush. The crush finds it adorable.

10. Repetitive Plot

The drama, as a whole, has nothing better to offer. It keeps on repeating the same old story of a middle- class female lead and wealthy CEO, which have shown in many such old dramas. However, comparing it to other office dramas, such as ‘What’s Wrong With Secretary Ki,’’ will be an injustice to the makers.