Article: Top Ten Idols With Mullet Hair

Mullet is a slang word for one of the famous men's hairstyles where the sides and backside of the hair are longer than the front side. This hairstyle was prominent in the 1980s period. The mullet hair is traced back to Australian culture but was famous when the boy band Beastie Boys 1994 introduced the hairstyle. This hairstyle plays a significant role in the K-Pop industry. Many idols have/ had this hairstyle at least once in a while for their comebacks. This article lists the top ten K-idols who looked great in mullet hair.


1. The8

The8 is one of the two Chinese members of the boy band Seventeen. The8 had grown his hair to a mullet since the Thanks era when he was back from his hiatus. His hairstyle is one of the widespread and adored mullets by fans worldwide. He maintains his hair to date, occasionally reducing its height.

2. G-Dragon

G-Dragon or Kwon Jiyong is a member of the boy band BigBang under YG Entertainment. He is known as the "King of K-Pop" by his fans as he is a top rapper, songwriter, singer, entrepreneur, fashion designer, and record producer. G-Dragon possessed a mullet hairstyle ever since he was a baby and maintained his hairstyle for a very long time after his debut.

3. Felix

Felix of Stray Kids is the leading dancer and rapper who is also a part of the group's sub-unit Dance Racha. Felix is famous for his blonde mullet era during the Thunderous and Christmas Evel ages. He first started mullet during the Backdoor era with a silver mullet. He is known for his braided mullets and by which he styles them.

4. V

V or Kim Taehyung is the main vocalist and visual of the world-famous boy band BTS. V had sung many OSTs and acted in the drama Hwarang which pleased many of his fans. V had legendary mullet hair in their Fake Love era in 2018. The black mullet was viral, and often his fans stated that he looked like a Prince.

5. Baekhyun

Baekhyun is a leading vocalist and a successful soloist from the band EXO. His albums have been certified as million sellers. He released his third album, "Bambi," before he enlisted in military services. During the group's KoKoBop era, Baekhyun's mullet with red strands became viral in the industry. His mullet era was short but left an impact among his fans.

6. Taeyong

The young leader of the twenty-three-membered group NCT, Taeyong, is a singer and a rapper. He is a part of NCT's sub-units NCT 127 and NCT U. He had a baby mullet for his comeback in the Regular era, and later in 2021, he had black mullet, which left his fans in awe. Taeyong had mullets for a long time before he chopped them off.

7. Hongjoong

Hongjoong is the leader of the prominent group from the 4th generation K-Pop, ATEEZ. He is the second eldest member, a singer, composer, and songwriter. In their Zero to one era, Hongjoong had a mullet styling that was unique in the K-Pop industry. He had extra fabric tags and metal braids added to his mullet, making him look appealing.

8. Zico

Zico is the leader, producer, rapper, and songwriter in the boy band BLOCK B under Seven Seasons. He made his debut in 2011 and made his first solo debut in 2014. Zico is a part of several other units in K-Pop with various artists under many labels. His mullet hair look is a noticeable look of him.

9. Eunhyuk

Lee Hyukjae, commonly called Eunhyuk, is the rapper, songwriter, dancer, and television personality from the boy band Super Junior under SM Entertainment. When Eunhyuk styled his hair into a mullet, it amused his fans because he portrayed a much younger version of himself in that style. He had different colors like blue, brown, etc.

10. Mino

Song Mino, better known as Mino monotonously, is a singer, rapper, artist, actor, and producer in the boy band Winner under YG Entertainment. He got selected through a survival show in 2014 to debut along with his members. Mino is famous for his emerald green mullet, which he grew before a comeback. Also, the singer rocked his appearance in light brown color.