Article: Top 10 Chinese Actresses Who Are Also Models

Getting from the runway to the big screen doesn't take long. Beautiful models have taken on complicated and award-winning roles for years, demonstrating that good looks and talent are not necessarily exclusive. Some of the most well-known models across the world have dabbled in acting, playing a variety of characters in films and on television. They may appear in minor roles or shoulder the entire weight of a film, and some have discovered that acting suits their personality better than posing. So, below are the top 10 Chinese actresses who are great models.

1. Zhang Ziyi

Zhang Ziyi, also known as Ziyi Zhang, is a well-known Chinese film actress and model. She was dubbed one of China's Four Dan Actresses, alongside Zhao Wei, Xu Jinglei, and Zhou Xun, by Chinese media. This stunning Chinese actress has a phenomenal amount of popularity. Her acting achievements are equally impressive. Her performance in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon earned her seven international honours. FHM Taiwan rated Zhang Ziyi the sexiest lady in the world in 2001. An incredibly skilled actress who can appear stunning, elegant, and desirable all at the same time.


2. Victoria Song

Victoria Song, also known as Song Qian, is a talented Chinese ethnic dancer who received training at Beijing Dance Academy. Her career in acting and modelling began in commercials, and then she became famous in 2009 as a member of the female group f(x). Victoria rose to prominence in 2010 as a cast member of KBS's Invincible Youth and as a star of We Got Married Season 2. Victoria Song has also acted in several television shows and films.


3. Chrissie Chau

Chrissie Chau is a popular Chinese actress and model living in Hong Kong. Following the release of her CDs in 2009 and 2010, Chrissie Chau rose to prominence. In 2009, Chau made her film debut in Womb Ghosts, a horror flick. Chrissie Chau made 20 appearances in Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, and Taiwan.


4. Zhang Xinyu

Zhang Xinyu is another name for Viann Zhang and is a model, singer, and actor from China. She received her diploma from the Wuxi Institute of Commerce. She began her acting career after graduation by working in the television collection. After her debut in the film If You Are The One 2, she established a name for herself.


5. Qu Ying

The most successful Chinese model in the transition to a new career is Qu Ying.Qu is a fashion model, actor, hostess, and singer from Changde City in Hunan Province. Pantene and Maybelline are among the brands for which she is a spokeswoman. Qu came in second place at the World Supermodel Contest China Selection in 1991. Qu has starred in many Chinese films and television programs, notably the 20-episode True Confession franchise. She also starred in Zhang Yimou's film Keep Cool, which helped her gain popularity among Chinese university students.


6. Fan Bingbing

Fan Bingbing is a Chinese model, singer, actress, and television producer. She was dubbed the world's most beautiful Chinese woman by The Beijing News and got featured as the highest-paid star in the Forbes China Celebrity 100. Fan rose to prominence as an actor thanks to her role in the television drama series My Fair Princess (1998–1999). Then, with her involvement, the film Cell Phone (2003) became the highest-grossing film in China for the year. She went on to star in several Hollywood films after the release of Lost in Beijing and received numerous accolades. She is well-known for her sense of style and her magnetic presence as a model. She is labelled a Fashion Icon because of her many appearances on the runways of Valentino, Louis Vuitton, and Christian Dior.


7. Zhang Zilin

The Chinese industry regards Zhang Zilin as a fashion and beauty diva.She was crowned Miss China World in 2007 and Miss World the following year. Zhang is better known as a fashion model than an actress, yet she has appeared in several noteworthy films, including The Underdog Knight 2 and The Monkey King.


8. Du Juan

Jennifer Du, commonly known as Du Juan, is a fashion model, film actor, and dancer. She was the first East Asian model to grace the Vogue Paris cover and has served as a global spokesperson for several international fashion houses. Du Juan made her acting debut in Peter Chan's high-grossing picture American Dreams in China, in which she played Su Mei, the film's only female character.


9. Cherry Ngan

Cherry Ngan is a Chinese model, actor, and singer. Ngan is most known for her roles in the films include The Way We Dance (2013), The Midnight After, and At Cafe 6. Her film received a Hong Kong Film Award and a Golden Horse Award for best actress. Cherry Ngan has also starred in several commercials and released many songs.


10. Gaile Lok

Gaile Lok, also known as Gaile Lai, is a well-known Hong Kong model, actress, and magazine cover girl. She made her movie debut in the romantic comedy I Do, released in 2000. After that, she made an appearance in the movie My Sweetie (2004).