Article: Top 10 Korean Dramas About Divorce

Many Korean dramas show successful marriages. They show a couple living happily ever after marriage. But in reality, some couples are not happy after getting married. Some people think they’ll live their whole life together, but things don’t go as planned. Similarly, Many Korean Dramas that show how couples face problems after marriage. These Dramas show the mental issues and struggles the couple goes through when they decide to part ways. Here are the Top 10 Korean Dramas About Divorce

1. Love (Ft. Marriage And Divorce),

Love ft. Marriage and Divorce is about three couples in their thirties, forties, and fifties. The three women work together on a radio show. The Drama reveals how their lives turn upside down when they learn about their husband’s secret affairs. Their marriage is seemingly delighted and prosperous, according to them, but there are secrets their husbands are hiding from them. Love ft. Marriage and Divorce have three seasons. The Drama shows how they deal with this problem in different ways. Love ft. Marriage and Divorce first episode aired in 2021.

2. The World Of Married

The World of Marries is the highest-rated Korean Drama of 2020. The story revolves around a happily married couple who has a son also. Her life is perfect; she has a successful career and a happy family. She thinks she has everything, but she is betrayed by her husband and her friends. Her Husband, Lee Tae Oh dreams of becoming a famous movie director. He runs an entertainment business with the help of his wife, Ji Sun Woo. Their lives start falling apart when Ji Sun Woo finds out Lee Tae Ho is having an affair with a young girl, and her sister and friends all know about it.

3. The Lady In Dignity

The Lady in Dignity is about Ah Jin, who enjoys her luxurious life married to a wealthy family. Her life hits rock bottom when her Father-in-law’s finances become decimated, and her husband betrays her. They appoint a caregiver who seems to be simple and elegant, but she has some other plans. She seduces the president and aims to take over the household. The Lady in Dignity aired in 2017.

4. My Mister

The story of My Mister revolves around married man Dong Hun whose world was turned upside down when his wife demanded a divorce. He learns that his wife is having an affair with a senior executive at work. She wants to marry him. Dong Hun’s oldest brother is jobless and separated from his wife. Their younger brother Gi Hoon dreams of becoming a movie director. My Mister is a psychological drama released in 2018.

5. The Penthouse

The Penthouse is one the most famous mystery crime dramas of all times. The penthouse shows stories of different characters. The main story revolves around a girl named Seol-A who was pushed off the 49th floor of a lavish apartment called Hera Palace. The Drama involves stories of various couples living in Penthouse. The Drama shows how couples betray each other to achieve something. The first season of Penthouse aired in 2020. The Drama has three seasons.

6. Show Window: The Queen’s House

Show Window: The Queen’s House is about Han Sun Joo. Her life is perfect. She is married to Shin Myeong Sub and has children. Shin Myeong Sub was in a poor financial situation before marrying Han Sun Joo. His life changed completely after he married Han Sun Joo. He is a good husband and father but gets attracted to a woman named Yoon Mi Ra. It is a story about Han Sun Joo, who supports the adultery of another woman, without knowing the affair is with her husband only. Yoon Mi Ra is an art teacher at a primary school. Show Window: The Queen’s Window aired in 2021.

7. Divorce Attorney Shin

Divorce Attorney Shin is a legal Drama. Attorney Shin, driven by a personal tragedy, navigates the complex world of divorce. He is a pianist turned lawyer. Shin Sung Han specializes in divorce cases. He faces different clients with various unfortunate stories and stands up for them. Shin Sung Han can do anything to make his client win. The drama shows stories of multiple couples who have different reasons for filling for divorce suit against their partners. Divorce Attorney Shin aired in 2023 and gained popularity.

8. Secret Affair

Secret Affair is a story about Oh Hye Won. A forty-year-old who feels she is leading a fulfilling life. She is elegant, sophisticated, and excellent at dealing with people. One day she meets Lee Sun Jae, a 20-year-old genius pianist from an impoverished background. Oh Hye Won recognizes his talent and helps her with tutoring classes. Oh Hye Won and Lee Sun Jae fall in love with each other. Oh Hye won experiences falling in Love for the first time. Oh Hye Won can’t give up on her family or on the love of her life.

9. Eve

Eve is a revenge drama. It is a story about Lee La El, whose father died when she was little. Lee La El’s family was destroyed by influential people. Lee La El decides to take revenge on them. She prepared this revenge for thirteen years. Her target is Knag Yoon Kyum, who runs the LY group. She tries to get closer to her to get her revenge but falls in love with him. She discovers that Kang Yoon Kyun is innocent, but his father-in-law and wife are behind it all. Kang Yoon Kyun also falls for Lee La El and takes a divorce from his wife.

10. Strangers Again

Strangers Again is about the love and growth of Lawyers to who divorce is easy, but separation is difficult. It is a story of a long-time divorced couple who unexpectedly gets reunited with each other in court. They are force to work together. Strangers Again is a legal drama aired on 18 January 2023.