Article: Top Ten Korean Music Composer

Good Music composers are a very important asset to the entertainment industry and overall music industry. There are countless music composers everywhere but very few composers make it to the top and are known for their excellent skills. As the South Korean music industry has been widely getting appreciation across the world, this appreciation is completely credited to the music composers. Some excellent music composers in South Korea deserve the spotlight on them. We have mentioned the top music composers of South Korea who deserve your attention.

1. Kim Jonghyun

K-pop fans are familiar with Kim Jonghyun as he was a member of one of the greatest k-pop groups SHINee, and was an excellent solo artist. But many people don't know that Jonghyun was also a great composer, he had excellent songwriting skills and composed some of the most popular songs such as Already sung by Taemin, Gloomy Clock sung by IU, Breathe sung by Lee hi, etc.


2. Jeon So-Yeon

Jeon So-Yeon is a k-pop idol and many don't know the fact that she is an exceptional music composer. Jeon So-Yeon is a member of the Korean girl group, (G)I-DLE. Mostly She composes and writes songs for her group. She is also known for her good rapping skills.


3. Lee Seung-Hwan

Lee Seung-Hwan is a popular South Korean singer and composer. He is known for his live performing skills as he has held multiple concerts and is famous for singing live. He is a pop ballad singer and is also the founder and president of the entertainment agency, Dream Factory.


4. Yang Bang-Ean

Yang Bang-Ean is popularly known by his Japanese name Kunihiko Ryo. He is a Korean born in Japan. He was appointed as a surgeon, which he left for pursuing music. Kunihiko Ryo was born to a South Korean father and a North Korean mother. He is a very talented composer as he has composed some of the most popular music over his career. He is also known as a great pianist.


5. Woozi

Woozi, whose birth name is Lee Ji-hoon is a South Korean singer and k-pop idol. Woozi is a member of the group, Seventeen. He is also a very competent music composer. Woozi is a popular k-pop idol known for his great musical skills.


6. Bang Si-Hyuk

Bang Si-Hyuk is popular among the masses for being the founder of Big Hit Music, the management company of BTS, and the chairman of Hybe Corporation. But many fans don't know that Bang Si-Hyuk is also a skilled music composer. He has composed for many popular artists including BTS, such as Seventeen, TXT, etc.


7. BoA

Often referred to as the Queen of k-pop, this tag is given to BoA because of the influence she had on the Korean music industry since her debut days. BoA is one of the first Korean artists who spread the Korean wave across the world. BoA is an exceptional music composer and is known for her competent musical skills.


8. Kangta

Kangta is a very well-known face in South Korea. He first found fame when he became a member of one of the most legendary and early k-pop groups, H.O.T. Kangta is also a music composer and composed many melodious songs for various artists. Kangta is one of the most loved Korean singers of all time.


9. Teddy Park

Park Hong-jun who is famously known as Teddy Park is one of the most famous record producers, rappers, composers, and songwriters of South Korea. He is signed under YG entertainment. He is famous for composing songs for global artists such as Bigbang, Blackpink, 2ne1, Sunmi, etc. Teddy Park is one of the most iconic South Korean composers responsible for some big k-pop hits.


10. G-Dragon

Kwon Ji-Yong whose stage name is G-Dragon is one of the iconic influential figures in k-pop and also in the fashion industry. G-Dragon's talent doesn't limit to being a rapper, singer, and fashion designer, he is also an exceptional songwriter, music composer, record producer of South Korea. G-Dragon is also a member of one of the iconic k-pop groups, Bigbang. He has composed many hit songs, such as for his group, Bigbang.