Article: Top 10 Lesser-Known Korean R&B Artists

Music is an essential aspect of human existence. There is almost certainly no one on this planet who is unaffected by music. It's all around us in various forms, whether it's the chirping of birds, the sound of rain, or the steps of humans on a crosswalk; all of these sounds lead us to believe that life exists in various paradigms. Different types of R&B music have evolved from the original R&B music, making it popular in various parts of the world. Other countries have now begun to produce R&B music in their own language by fusing beautiful R&B melodies with the uniqueness of each language, resulting in splendid works being created. Music has been a part of South Korean culture for a long time, and as time passed, western culture influenced the country, resulting in thriving R&B music industry with some well-known artists. Here are some lesser-known Korean R&B artists worth checking out.

1. Ocean From The Blue

Ocean from the blue is a singer who debuted on 12th March, 2018 under nostalgia music. Specializing in the genre R&B, Ocean from the blue presents deep and mellow soul music that echoes the inner abyss of humans like the ocean.  Some of his works include Smiling depression, why don't you love me now, girl (ft. bloo). Some of his released albums are a-side 90's kids never get old, aeries?, Luv fi 2020 and the latest album messages.


2. Junny

Junny is a Korean-Canadian singer-songwriter and composer who is signed under Mauve Company. He debuted with his extended play monochrome in 2017. He specializes in R&B/soul and some of his works include thank you, movie, by my side, aura (ft. ph-1) (prod GXXD). Some of his released albums include A.G.E, interior.


3. Saay

Kwon So-Hee, better known as SAAY, is a South Korean singer/songwriter signed to Universal Music Korea. She was a member of the girl group evoL. She made her solo debut with the single Circle. Some of her works are OMEGA, ZGZG, I'M OKAY. Her albums include claassic, FEELosophy, HORIZON: the mixtape.


4. Hoody

Kim Hyun-Jung or popularly known as Hoody is a singer/songwriter who was a member of an all-female underground hip-hop crew Amourette. In 2015 she signed with the record label AOMG making her the first female artist to sign with the company. Her works include a studio album- Departure, Mini album- On and on, Digital Singles- My Ride, Sunshine, Miro, Hangang etc. Other collaborations are Blue Horizon (Cokejazz), Submarine (with Bronze)etc.


5. Jeebanoff

Lee Jae Min, better known by his stage name jeebanoff, is a South Korean R&B and soul composer, songwriter, and singer. On March 17, 2016, he made his debut under team Unbutton with his single Hide. In November of 2017, he joined the agency goodtomeetyou. His works include not me, the Girl In My Memories, Timid etc. Some of his albums include Good Thing, So Fed Up, Good Thing Remix and the latest release Void.


6. Katie

Katie Kim, also known as KATIE, is a South Korean-born American singer who came in first place in of K-pop Star 4. 'Where You Need To Be' was her breakthrough performance. She later signed with the K-pop company YG Entertainment, but is now with Axis Records. Her works include a mini album titled Log, an EP titled Our Time Is Blue and digital singles titled Remember, Talk, and Echo. Bobby's secret (with DK) is one of the works where she’s featured.


7. Paul Kim

Paul Kim (Kim Tae-Hyeong) is a singer-songwriter who debuted in 2014 and has released two extended plays and two full-length albums, the first of which is The Road and the second of which is The Tunnel. Heart: One, Heart: Two was the title of the second album, which was similarly released in two parts. Song Dairy and Her were the two extended plays. Love Letter, Hangover, and Big Heart are some of his singles.


8. Jimmy Brown

Jimmy Brown is a singer/songwriter, is a composer who made his debut in October 2017. He has written songs for several artists and composed a few of his songs. His famous works include Irene, let me know, I got you, The Good Days Boys Vol 3, Yours, Dance, etc. And his latest release, Bedroom Playlist.


9. Seori

Seori is a singer/songwriter and composer under the label ATISPAUS who had debuted with the EP-?Depacse Ohw on May 12, 2020. Some of her works include Lovers in the Night, Dive With You (Ft. eaJ), Running Through The Night etc.


10. Elaine

Elaine is a Hunus Entertainment singer/songwriter who made her debut in 2015 with the tune ‘won't you stay.’ She is well-known for singing lovely osts for popular dramas like It's Okay Not to Be Okay, Vagabond, among others. Wake up, Rain or Shine, Sad March, and Fallen Star are some of her songs, and her most recent album is 1.