Article: Top 10 Idols With A Single Letter As Their Stage Names

A stage name is a made-up name or a  false name made for singers, TV personalities, comedians, actors, and actresses. They adopt a new name because their old name may be hard to spell or too long to pronounce, or it could be just for fun. Some idols go by their first or last name for their stage name. Some K-Idols try new names identical or a name with near meaning to their original or completely new one to show off their uniqueness. This article lists the top ten K-Idols having a single letter as their stage name.

1. V 

V is the famous visual, singer, and actor from the boy band BTS under BigHit Entertainment. His original Korean name goes by Kim Taehyung, and he has two younger siblings. He has acted in the drama Hwarang and is famous for his supporting role "Seok Han-sung." He and his fellow member Jin sang an OST for the series, which also turned out to be a hit song.


2. Y

Y, also known as Choi Seongyoon, is a leading vocalist and a musical actor from the group Golden Child under Woollim Entertainment. He made his debut in 2017. His first musical show on stage was in March 2022, as he played the role of Jung Haram in Midnight Sun. Before his debut, he played a role in the TV series My Lovely Girl.


3. Q

Ji Chang Min, famously known by his stage name Q is a member of the boy band The Boyz. He is a leading dancer and vocalist who, in 2017, debuted under Cre.Ker Entertainment. In his pre-debut days, he passed an audition in his dance academy and got a chance to feature on NCT’s Night Night radio. When questioned about his stage name, he stated that when you say his name, it is the beginning of everything, and he loved it.


4. N

N is a singer, actor, and presenter from the boy band VIXX. His original Korean name goes by Cha Hakyeon. He got chosen as a member of VIXX from a survival show. He has played several roles in dramas including, Cheer Up!, Tunnel, Ms.Perfect, etc. N has also participated in musicals and radio shows and played special MC in reality shows.


5. J

STAYC's J is a rapper, a vocalist, and a singer who goes by her original name Jang Yeeun. She was the fifth member who got introduced to her group and made her debut in 2020. She is an artist and likes to visit fan cafe's in her free time. J is the youngest member of STAYC.


6. U 

U is the leading dancer, rapper, songwriter, and vocalist of ONF under WM Entertainment. He is a Japanese member and goes by the original name Mizuguchi Yuto. The group made its debut in 2017. U has been credited for songwriting and choreographing their title song, "Why," from their 4th mini album. He participated in two survival shows, namely MIXNINE and Dance War.


7. K 

K is the lead dancer and vocalist of the group TST under JSL Company. TST, the group was previously known as TopSecret and 7STONE. He is the eldest member of the group. K's original name is Kim Hyeong In. Because he has his initials as K, he decided to go by the name 'K' as his stage name.


8. L

L, commonly known as Kim Myungsoo, is the vocalist and plays the guitar in the boy band INFINITE. He made his debut in 2010 under Woollim Entertainment. He later left the Entertainment when his contract expired, but he is still a part of INFINITE. He acted in several dramas like Welcome, One More Time, Royal Secret Agent, and Angel's last Mission and has won many awards.


9. M

Lee Minwoo professionally called M, is a singer, entrepreneur, and actor who belongs to the boy band Shinhwa, one of the longest-running and active groups from the first generation of K-Pop. He began his carrier in 1998 as a rapper, but later only as a vocalist. He has choreographed some of Shinhwas's songs.


10. I

The soloist Cha Yoon Ji is a singer under WM Entertainment. She made her debut in 2017 with her album "I Dream" and the title song "If you wish hard, it will come true." She later left the entertainment in 2018 due to health issues. She is known for being the little sister of Baro, a member of the group "B1A4."