Article: Top Ten Most Impeccable Korean-Style Divas

Korean fashion is on the rise in recent times. People among the world religiously follow Korean fashion and we must agree Korean fashion style is truly incredible. As the popularity of the Korean entertainment industry increases with each passing day, so are the influence of Korean artists who have been termed as the style divas by the public and masses. These Korean Style divas are not only great artists of the industry but are also known for their impeccable fashion sense. Fans keep on waiting for these divas to inspire them with their next fashion choices. Keep on reading the article to check if your favorite style diva is mentioned in this list.

1. Jennie

Kim Jennie is one of the most influential figures in the Korean entertainment industry because of her singing career and also for her styling choices. She is considered one of the best-dressed style diva across the world. She is also often called the human Chanel as she is seen styling herself in Chanel very frequently and is also the brand ambassador of Chanel.


2. Joy

Choi Soo-young who is popularly known as Joy is one of the most popular style icons of the Korean entertainment industry. Joy is a member of the group, Red Velvet and has earned a reputation of being extremely stylish and chic. The journey of Joy's fashion evolution is truly very inspiring.


3. Irene Kim

Irene Kim is a popular and influential figure in the fashion industry. The Korean - American fashion icon is quite popular for her fashion sense and has been the brand ambassador of Chanel. She has also done the covers for various magazines.


4. Jessica Jung

Jessica Jung is best known for her career as an actor and a singer of the girl group Girls Generation, which she left in 2014. The former Girls Generation member is known for being a style diva. Jung is the owner of the fashion company, Blanc & Eclare.


5. Lee Sung-Kyung

One of the most popular Korean fashion Diva of recent times is Lee Sung-Kyung. Lee Sung-Kyung is an actor and singer and has established a solid fanbase, her fans truly love her fashion choices which makes her one of the most stylish divas in the Korean entertainment industry.


6. Lisa

This list would be incomplete without the icon that is Lisa. Over the years of her career, Lisa has established herself as one of the most popular style icons of all time. Her looks in her music video to her photoshoot looks everything is an instant hit among the fans. She truly hailed for her great fashion sense.


7. Song Hye-Kyo

There's nothing called aging in Song Hye-Kyo's life dictionary. She has been in the Korean entertainment industry for such a long time, but her aura and influence refuse to die down anytime soon. She is a legendary Korean icon, and her fashion sense too is truly impeccable.


8. Park Shin-Hye

The beautiful and talented Korean actress Park Shin-Hye is considered a very popular actor in the Korean entertainment industry. She is not left behind in the fashion industry too, Park Shin-Hye is one of the stylish impeccable Korean stars. Her style is very effortless which makes it look easy to follow and surely gives you some major fashion goals.


9. Irene

Another Irene on this list, Bae Joo-Hyun whose stage name is Irene is the member and leader of the popular girl group Red Velvet. Irene is especially known for her great visual which beautifully compliments her impeccable fashion sense. Irene is often seen attending various fashion shows and her lookbooks are surely followed by all her fans for some great fashion sense.


10. Jun Ji Hyun

This list wouldn't be complete without Jun Ji Hyun. Her fashion choices are very influential and can always be seen being glamourous even with a casual fitting. Jun Ji Hyun rightfully fits the description of an impeccable style diva.