Article: 10 Popular Chinese Dramas Released In 2022

Chinese dramas have given us many blockbusters. These dramas will prove that Chinese drama is worth all the hype. These dramas have different genres, like action, comedy, and romance. Prepare yourself for all these spellbound performances by some of your favorite Chinese actors. These dramas will keep you entertained.

1. You Are My Heartbeat

The drama is about a CEO obsessed with cleanliness and who hates liars. He meets a messy and quirky designer. Time brings them closer to each other, and they fall in love despite being opposites.

2. Lost Track Of Time

The story is about the master of the country's water transportation trusting the wrong people in her past life, but as she is reborn, she wants to take revenge. The ninth prince falls in love with her and helps her to get revenge.

3. The Disappearing Child

The story is about the shady disappearance of a child from his school hallway and the death of an elderly. These situations are not related, but as the story proceeds, the two cases are connected.

4. Discovery Of Romance

The drama is about the complicated relationships of a furniture designer in her thirties. She is in a happy relationship with her current boyfriend. Things change when her ex-boyfriend persuades her to get with him again.

5. Twenty Your Life On 2

The story revolves around the lives of four girls who step into the world of lies and betrayal. They face love, failures, and growth. They never give up and learn to accept defeats.

6. Farewell Vivian

The drama is about an illustrator and IT master. The illustrator lives life to its fullest, and the IT master plans everything. The love story is worth watching.

7. Out With A Bang

The drama is about an e-sport champion about to retire. He returns to his hometown and meets a determined girl training to join an e-sport team. After the girl’s efforts, the e-sport champ almost gave up unites with her.

8. To Be A Brave One

The story is about a girl who is prosecuted and imprisoned and left behind by her family. She gets protected by her childhood friend. They develop feelings for each other and fight obstacles together.

9. The Oath Of Love

The Chinese drama is about a junior music student who falls in love with the son of a surgeon. They walk on a rocky path but promise to spend the rest of their lives together.

10. Reset

The drama is about a game architect and college student reliving the bus accident in which they died. They go through different situations and think about how things would have been better if they had used another approach.