Article: 10 Romantic Thai Movies For Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse to binge-watch cheesy movies. These Thai movies have refreshing plots and brilliant actors. These romantic movies have cliche storylines and swoon-worthy moments. These movies are a combination of romance, comedy, and lots of tears. These movies will make your Valentine's Day worthy.

1. First Love

The film is about a 14-year-old girl trying to impress the most popular boy in her school. She makes several attempts to make the boy love her back. The ending of the movie is surprising.

2. Bangkok Sweety

The movie is a compilation of romantic stories that starts on Christmas Eve and ends on Valentine’s Day. The story is a good mix of comedy and romance.

3. My Valentine

The story is about a girl who doesn’t like romance and dislikes Valentine’s Day. She gets caught in a love cube, and three boys try to win her heart.

4. Happy Old Year

The story is about a woman determined to organize her house by discarding old things. She struggles when she sees the things that her ex gave her. Each item brings back a different memory.

5. Hello Stranger

The story is about a man who meets a quirky girl when he goes on vacation. They wander together in the streets of Korea but keep their names a secret.

6. Fan Chan

The story is about a man receiving an invitation to her childhood friend’s wedding. It takes him back to the times they spent together as children.

7. Heart Attack

The film is about a work-oriented man who has feelings for the doctor. He cannot confess his feelings when something ominous happens to him. The film will make you cry and chuckle along the way.

8. Friend Zone

The story is about a flight attendant stuck in a friend zone with her best friend since high school. They help each other whenever they fight with their girlfriends or boyfriends. The flight attendant tries again to confess his feelings.

9. Bangkok Traffic (Love) Story

The Thai film is about a hopeless romantic girl who has never had a boyfriend and is the last one left to get married. She meets an engineer and falls in love. She tries her luck on the man.

10. Love Of Siam

The story is about a guy who stumbles upon the doppelgänger of her dead sister. He begs her to impersonate his sister. The film is worth watching for its twists and turns.