Article: 10 K-Pop Idols Accused Of Lip-Syncing

Kpop idols are known for their talent for singing and dancing to different concepts. Sometimes their performances are beyond exceptional, and people think that they are lip-syncing. Sometimes there are technical issues, and the idols appear to sing along to a pre-recorded song. The artists train very hard to have a stable voice while performing.

1. Blackpink

Blackpink performed their new single at the VMAs, but several media outlets bashed them for lip-syncing. The fans were quick to defend their favorite girl group.

2. Aespa

Aespa has been a target of media outlets accusing them of lip-syncing in live performances. Winter, who is the vocalist of the girl group, stopped singing in one of the performances to prove that they were singing live.

3. NCT Dream

NCT Dream alarmed the audience with their recent performance at KCON LA. Many questioned them about lip-syncing, but the group handled it with dignity. They told their fans that their vocals were incredible and that people thought they were lip-syncing.

4. BTS

BTS became the target of haters for lip-syncing. Suga, the rapper in the boy band, had the best response to shut down the haters. He dropped his mic when the song was about to end and proved the haters wrong.


TWICE has been accused of pretending to have a baby-like voice to sound cute and lip-syncing. The group tries to improve the quality of their performance each time and not let the hate negatively affect them.

6. StayC

StayC got criticized because she was lip-syncing during live performances. The girl group responded gracefully. They revealed that the group sang their song live during the music video shoots.

7. AleXa

Alexa got criticized by the audience and the music industry for lip-syncing. The artist’s fans defended her by pointing out that she was dancing and singing with a weak backing track.

8. Girls’ Generation

The group was accused of lip-syncing to a pre-recorded song by the audience. The fans engaged in a battle of words in the comment section and defended the artists by understanding the difficulties while dancing and singing together.

9. Gfriend

The group faced the wrath of the audience when they were caught lip-syncing. The camera moved to another member, and she didn't realize the camera was on her while she wasn't singing while the song was still on.

10. ITZY

ITZY got accused of lip-syncing in most of their live performances. But the fans came to their rescue and pointed out the technical difficulties faced during their performances.