Article: Top 10 Popular ‘Ships’ in K-world That Proved To Be False

Onscreen chemistry- be it between idols or lead actors from a famous drama- has time and again sparked rumors of them secretly dating. Korean netizens, especially, love to ship their favorite co-stars or idols together. Despite how popular some of these ‘ships’ may be, most of them turn out to be baseless. Following are some extremely popular ‘ships’ that failed to sail.

1. Lisa And Jungkook

Both ‘maknaes’ of the two most popular idol groups globally, namely BTS and Blackpink, have time and again ignited controversy around the issue of their dating. In one of her recent posts, Lisa was spotted wearing a cardigan from Jungkook’s older brother’s brand- ‘Graffitionmind’. However, there has been no official confirmation or denial from either stars or their companies. But recent news around Lisa, reportedly dating the CEO of Tag Heuer, Frederic Arnault, hints at the ship being not true after all.

2. Jisoo And Hyein

The ‘HaeSoo’ couple rose to fame with their exceptional acting in the superhit drama ‘Snowdrop’. Their onscreen chemistry and behind the scene bonding, had many fans speculating that the couple were dating in real life. Hae In was even spotted at Blackpink’s world tour ‘Born Pink’ in Seoul further igniting their dating rumours. However, Jisoo has recently gone public with her romantic relationship with actor Ahn Bo Hyun, famous for his roles in dramas- ‘See You in My 19th Life’ and ‘Yumi’s Cells’ among others. Despite the popularity of the HaeSoo ship, many fans have received the news of Jisoo dating Bo-hyun warmly and have been cheering for the couple from the sidelines.

3. Kim Tae Ri And Song Joong Ki

The famous actors gained popularity as a couple after their role in the movie ‘Space Sweepers’. The two were found talking about one another fondly on numerous occasions. Allegedly, a video of the two walking, hand in hand down the streets of Paris began circulating online, further igniting the rumors. However, it was later found that the video featured married couple Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin (co-stars from the drama ‘Crash Landing on You’). This was followed by Song Joon Ki officially announcing his relationship with his wife Katy Louise Saunders, thereby laying the rumors to rest.

4. Yoona And Lee Junho

Girls’ Generation’s Yoona and 2PM’s Junho have been a hot topic among netizens ever since their sizzling performance on the song ‘Senorita’ for the channel MBC. Recently, the couple has risen to prominence again with their dazzling chemistry in the drama ‘King The Land’ where the two are main protagonists. Many believed the two agreed on the roles as they were already dating. However, as edits and articles about the couple started gaining traction, their labels took official action and have subsequently denied the dating rumors.

5. Triple H

Triple H was a mixed-gender idol group formed under the aegis of Cube Entertainment, consisting of members HyunA (former member of female group ‘4Minute’) and two ‘Pentagon’ members Dawn and Hui. The trio’s provocative songs and choreographies led fans to assume the members were dating one another. Some shipped HyunA with Dawn and some with Hui. Eventually, it was revealed that Dawn and HyunA had been dating since 2016. Fans were ecstatic and the two went on to become the ‘IT’ couple in the Korean entertainment industry. Unfortunately, the couple announced their breakup in 2022, ending their six-year-long relationship.

6. Hyunjin And Karina

Stray Kids’ Hyunjin and Aespa’s Karina, with their stunning AI-like visuals and mesmerizing performances on stage, are almost always in the news. Sometime back when pictures of Hyunjin’s blur background started circulating online, many speculated that it was a picture of Karina. It was also found that the two had matching Dear U. Lysn Bubble names which flamed their dating rumors. However, the rumors were swiftly denied by Hyunjin when he pointed out that his background was just a picture of two lovers from a drama.

7. IU (Lee Ji-eun) And Park Seo Joon

The stature of IU and Park Seo Joon remains unparalleled in the world of K-pop and K-dramas. The duo first showcased their chemistry in a TV commercial. Recently the two starred in the movie ‘Dream’ leading many fans to hope the couple were dating in real life. However, the fans were delightfully surprised when official news of IU dating actor Lee Jong Suk (famous for his roles in ‘W’, ‘Big Mouth’, etc) came out. Interestingly, this was followed by reports of Park Seo Joon reportedly dating Youtuber Kim Soo Yeon (xooos). Fans of both actors wish them luck.

8. Rosé And Kang Dong Won

Rumors about Blackpink member Rosé and actor Kang Dong Won dating are nothing new. There have been multiple instances where the couple was thought to be dating. Recently, a picture of the duo sitting next to one another at a party thrown by Riccardo Tisci, the former executive of Burberry (a British luxury fashion house) began circulating online, rekindling their dating rumors. However, the rumors were quickly shut down when YG Entertainment (Rosé’s agency) officially denied them and threatened to take official action against anyone spreading them.

9. Jungkook And Lee Yoo Bi

BTS’s ‘Golden Maknae’ was once again swept up in dating rumors, this time with actress Lee Yoo Bi. The rumours started when one youtuber claimed to have all the evidence to prove the two stars were dating. Similar pieces of jewelry, trips to Jeju islands and links with Buddhism were all pointed out as evidence to prove the couple’s relationship. The rumors steadily gained ground and the ship became popular, however, agencies of both actors have subsequently denied the rumors.

10. Yeonjun And Yunjin

TXT’s Yeonjun and LE SSERAFIM’s Yunjin are taking the K-pop industry by storm with their powerful aura. The two recently participated in a few episodes of ‘The Game Caterers‘, where fans were impressed by the duo’s chemistry and charms. Recently, Yunjin’s Spotify account’s profile picture went viral which showed two animated dolls. Fans argued the two figures looked like Yunjin and Yeonjun. However, many believe the picture is made for the promotion of Yunjin’s solo “I ≠ DOLL”, deeming the rumors baseless.