Article: Top 10 Korean Fashion Icons Of 2022

The fashion trends keep on changing with time and so are the style icons, however, some celebrities have a significant amount of influence on the fashion industry and its trends. These celebrities are looked upon as style icons due to their incredible sense of personal style. Recently there is a huge surge of South Koreans being huge fashion icons all over the globe. In this article, we have listed ten such fashion icons of South Korea that you should keep an eye on in 2022. These style icons have gathered the attention of all fashion enthusiasts from the globe, due to their style statements.

1. Ho Yeon Jung

Ho Yeon Jung is one of the most popular Korean-style icons currently in 2022. Ho Yeon Jung rose to global fame when she starred in the hit Netflix original Korean drama, Squid Games. The actress-model instantly became a sensation, however, even before her acting project, she was a well-established model and had quite a good rapport for being stylish.


2. Sehun

Being a member of the Kpop group, EXO, Sehun has quite a huge global fan following. The youngest EXO member is known for his great fashion sense too, the handsome man is often seen donning several statement outfits with minimal effort. He is undoubtedly a fashion icon you should keep an eye on in 2022.


3. G-Dragon

Well, we cannot leave out G-Dragon while talking about fashion icons of South Korea. G-Dragon is one of the most popular international fashion icons who was one of the first South Koreans to influence the global fashion industry.


4. Kai

Kai is another EXO member on this list. Kai has established a reputation of being the most stylish man wherever he goes. The K-pop idol even has a Gucci capsule collection inspired by him. Kai also became the first male muse for Bobbi Brown, which is a cosmetic brand.


5. V

V is an influential figure in the global fashion industry. He has a signature laid-back look that exudes elegance yet casual. V is one of the fashion icons you should stalk on social media for your outfit inspiration in 2022.


6. Lisa

The Blackpink member, Lisa has become a sensation across the globe. She is a very popular icon in the fashion industry as whatever she puts on becomes an instant hit. The dancer-rapper is known for her incredible style. She is also the brand ambassador of the luxury brand, Celine.


7. Kim Jennie

Another Blackpink member on this list, Kim Jennie is one of the popular fashion icons of South Korea. The Blackpink member has much influence over the fashion industry that whatever she wears, it becomes the talk of the town. She is also referred to as Human Chanel by media as she is often spotted in Chanel.


8. Jackson Wang

Jackson Wang is popular for being a member of the K-pop group, Got7. The rapper is always seen wearing statement pieces. Though he is not Korean by birth, he is a K-pop idol, which does make him a Korean icon.


9. Joy

The Red Velvet member, Joy whose real name is Park Soo-young has established quite a reputation of being the style diva. She is also been given the nickname Sexy Dynamite because of her incredible style. The actress-idol should be one Korean fashion icon you should keep an eye on in 2022.


10. Mino

Mino is another K-pop idol with a significant influence in the global fashion industry. The member of the K-pop group, Winner, has even walked in the Paris Fashion Week in 2019. He is quite a multifaceted artist as he is also a talented painter.